Why you should watch and cheer : Fargo Marathon

Over 24000 people will take part in one of the races of the Fargo Marathon. If we assume each one came with someone else then we have around 48000 people involved. That's quite an event. Only rivaled by the annual Street Fair.
Nearly 10000 ran the 5K on Friday and now the rest take to the streets on Saturday. But why should it matter to you? Is just because the economic impact we should spur the runners on?
Here is some reasons I think you should be watching and cheering on Saturday. 

  1. People are important
    Simply put- people matter;young and old- male and female. If we lose track of that principle then we risk letting selfishness and apathy prevail which will despoil community. In this day and age of materialism and self absorption it is good to recognize the achievements of other.
  2. Character is on display
    It takes a lot of effort and perseverance to run a marathon or half marathon or any long distance running. event. In events like the Fargo Marathon you'll see a lot of people who are also doing something hard for a purpose or someone. I wrote about this in the Running for a cause blog a few days ago. It is certainly brave for someone who just donated a kidney earlier in the year to get up an run the 5K and the half marathon. I volunteered with a lady who will do that this weekend. Many will aspire to great feats of endurance like the elite runners running this weekend and still others will persist to just make it to the end. Though their goals are quite different they will strive and strain to keep in the race- and ultimately finish.
  3. It can change you
    In a way I alluded to it in the first point. Encouraging someone takes the eyes off ourselves. That is good and I believe it is healthy. This world needs more encouragers and encouragement. Who knows what our affirming words can do to someone? At least it can make them feel in that moment that something is possible; that there is someone also sharing in that challenge by believing that the goal is possible, doable, and real. Once you feel the excitement of encouragement it is hard to put off that spirit.
Some watching tips for the races.
  1. Clap and don't be afraid to yell out "good job", "keep it up!"
  2. Make a sign with an encouraging phrase
  3. It is common to make noise- especially by ringing bells
  4. Downtown Fargo is a good spot to do a few hours of watching
  5. South of  Downtown Fargo and East of the Fargo Dome has some great boulevards to sit and watch


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