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Bolton through to final

Bolton loses to Villa yet goes to Carling Cup final? What is that? A competition for losers? No. Bolton lost the second leg of a 2 leg semi-final. They won the first leg 5-2 and the team with the most goals from both games advances. Bolton had 5 and Aston Villa had 4.
If there is a tie for points the team with the most away goals advances. Can be complicated if no goal were scored in either match. I guess that is why the Yanks (that's me too) don't use that format in any sports competitions I know. Bolton was missing star Jay Jay Okocha but Villa ended up being reduced to 10 men when one their players received a red card for unsportsmanlike conduct. Villa needed to score 4 goals to advance to the finals but with one less player it is very difficult.
And in other soccer news- Landon Donovan could be playing for Portsmouth?
Well Harry needs men and well Donovan is one of those Americans on "vacation" right now. Looks like a loan deal but seems there is some sticky situ…

Fargo enigma

I just found out that Fargo is one of the nation's windiest cities. Take that Chicago! The stat from circa 1987 said the averge wind speed in Fargo was 12.5 mph. My general philosophy concerning the wind here is : it makes a good day worse. However, I do enjoy an occassional kite fly.

I could live in hope

Yet another day passed without being employed. I did not despair. Fortunately my agent called and hooked me up with a week at Microsoft. I'll be in the mail room and making speeding deliveries to all those dudes at Business Solutions.
I have two friends that work there and possibly more aquaintances.
Weather again turned into post-mortem chillage. Lots of snow and below zero temps. We've got this great big piles of snow at Sargent. Today I started a snow cave. I hope I get to finish it.

Endurance II : Shingobee

Over MLK my roommate Erik and I decided to venture out into the wilderness of Chippewa National Forest to camp in below zero condtions. Never doing this before, I am not sure why I pressed on to do in perhaps the coldest conditions of the year: almost twenty below zero with no wind chill. We hiked about one mile into the forest to get to the site.
We got to camp fine but erecting the tent was tedious. I had not set this tent up for over a year and it had six poles! My headlamp batteries failed twice during the struggle.
Once shelter was assembled I tried make something hot to eat. My Sierra Zip Stove was not working at optimal levels. I changed its battery but after fifteen minutes the battery ran out. So much for new batteries. Erik assembled a fire in the fire grate. At first he failed. A hour later he had the fire going. By now most all the food and water was frozen. I got out just enough water to boil and make coffee. The coffee was so hot it burned Erik's tongue. It was the…

Misty kind of something

Today proved to be my last day at Varsity Mart. One day too early. Business had slacked since the return from MLK so my services were not needed any longer. Now I live in hope of what my next assignment will be.

Do you prefer math

At the Varsity Mart today I asked a few customers if they prefered math. Most (two at least) said they did. Score one for mathmatics.
The last three days have been a blast working as a cashier. I shine in this position- although I would never consider this a permanent job. I met today a few guys who were in the musical Fiddler on the Roof at NDSU. We had a terrific exchange. Those a moments well worth the measily wage I draw there. At Wells Fargo I'd be lucky if one person a month would crack a joke with me.

A Night on the Couch

Note: This is a short piece about what I did on New Years Eve. I was at a huge party in Alexandria.

A well known piece of furniture saves lives?

Not exactly, but the humble couch should sit among the likes of Dwight Moody, Billy Sunday, Luis Palau, and Billy Graham as an effective means of presenting the Gospel-saving lives from eternity in the depths of Hell.

"I am saving a spot on the couch for you!" I chirped to a passing youth. "Plenty of room, doesn't cost a dime. Nothing to lose and all to gain."

Some ignored my pleas and banter but quite a few took their chances and sat on the couch to hear an amazing message from my partners Tim and Jaime. I kept the couch full most of the night, drawing in the passing
young people. People of all types and hair colors and piercings sat on thecouch.

From 8 PM until nearly 6 AM I hung to my post at the couch- taking only a few breaks. This was important business. Surprisingly, I did not tire or grow weary. I believe tha…

Feeling those NY Times- Magazine

NY Time Magazine did a story on blogs. I read only the first 3 pages. It seemed to focus on the youth culture aspects of keeping online journals. To me, younglings blogs seem a bit immature and rashly written. But I am person that perfers character over, well the gush of emotional seizures of youthful zeal and vanities. Let's keep them horses corraled.


Today I began a temp assignment at NDSU's own Varsity Mart. They sell everything- textbooks, paper, duct tape. A very enjoyable day. Will they someday be the size of Wal-mart?
In soccer news, Berkovic leaves Man City for Portsmouth at the foot. Now I am sad to see Berko leave, but he's just not seeing any time on the pitch. Hopefully he'll start at Pompey. Now Macca needs to hit his stride, but who can topple Man U from the top of the table. There they sit 6 from Chelsea and 3 from Arsenal.
In other news, I am planning a winter camping expedition in the near future. Nothing specific yet but it will be adventure at its best.
One last commentary- Famous Dave's: I ate there again the other day. I usually go a few times a year. What do I like about this place? Well the food is good- my favorites are catfish fingers (yah its not BBQ), rib tips, and pulled chicken sandwhich. Ribs are good too but I don't usually get ribs. Shack fries and corn bread muffins!!! Super goo…

Return to me

At last I have returned from the Holiday and have plenty to blog about.
It was somewhat bittersweet since my mother passed away in 2003. It seemed empty although I was blessed with a bounty of gifts.
Once again spent time in Wells, MN with my roommate's family. A good experience.
Most assuredly had a wonderful New Year at See You at the Party.
Stayed in Morris, MN for the first week of the year and made two amateur movies which were well received by the locals.
The past two days I got to toil in a warehouse and use a scissors lift. In order to do so I needed to pass a test and wear a harness. I looked like a mountain climber. Eat your heart out Reinhold Messner. Next up a stint at the Varsity Mart.