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A little more weird

It has been a while but I have been thinking about blog. Unfortunately my connection is going nuts.
In Fargo today the mercury hit 86 degrees. Sweltering hot.
But then after 4:30 PM some hefty winds came in and really shot the temp down. These were strong 50 mph winds. Not sure if the wind speed is accurate but we were under a wind advisory.
Tomorrow the cold returns. There is also a possibility for snow. Hey it's Fargo, stuff like this happens. Possibly one reason this city has the stigma it has. Oh well.

I'm hired (not quite) - on The Apprentice

Good news! Bill was hired as Donald Trump's Apprentice.
Bad News. That Bill was not this Bill.
Entrepeneur? Well, I am hoping and seeking this out. I'm not too big on selling cigars but I certainly have prospects for a few service oriented businesses:
1. Mintrel-o-rama - Hire me to provide party entertainment from music to drama to games.
2. Need Tech - Consulting non-technology folks in choosing technology. Providing solutions for those who are in a bind with current tech.
3. Inklings - Creative writing service specializing in feature articles, website content, and technical writing.
4. Lehigh Productions - Consulting group that aids in digital video media production. Providing direction through whole productions.
5. Scribblers - Dramatic writing service specializing in idea and script development for radio, television, film, commercial, and industrial media productions.
Of course my 6th could be the social critic business but everybody wants to be a critic.

Taking it to the songs

I am reworking some old songs I wrote while I was part of the trio The Angry Minnesotans. Hoping to make a decent recording of a few of the songs for posterity and a possible comeback. I was inspired listening to an old AMs recording from the UMM PE Annex. It has the stadium sound with the amps up loud. Of course the songs I wished were recorded on this tape were not. There are about 3 original songs and a bunch of Velvet Underground, R.E.M. and Hindu Love Gods covers. It does have the last recording known of "Mr. Spaceman" - my first song I wrote while with Tulipeter in 1994.
I sure need to get a history of the bands I was in online. It is the stuff of urban legend that needs the truth to refute it. Otherwise I'll have people saying "He sang Raspberry Beret with Prince and Dave Pernier on the mall in Morris." Never happened.

Bhoys go out

Well Celtic (Glasgow that is) pride was deflated quite a bit today. The Bhoys are knocked out of Europe's junior competition (UEFA Cup). They have been having an outstanding season with all pistons running. Doing much better than cross town rivals Rangers (who I only half heartedly support since Barry Ferguson left). I was hoping they would make the final again this season. The Hoops, as they are also known because of their shirts, have automatic Champions League bid set for next season if they keep the domestic lead.
Villareal were the culprits. This Spanish outfit seems to have found some inspiration in Europe because domestically they are fairly mediocre right now. They have already shot down giants Galatasaray (Turkey) and Roma in their first taste of Europe. They are certainly looking forward to a dual with Spanish rivals Valencia in the semi-finals.

In downtown

The web press broke today. How ironic it was while printing a Rice Lake Weighing Systems catalog. Rice Lake was a former client of ours while I worked at MTL some years ago. I was released from the monotony of waiting at a quarter past eight (8:15). I decided to bike around downtown and then jumped on over to Moorhead and set myself down on the Concordia College campus to continue my reading of Edersheim. Later I went to Cheapo Disc (colorado location which I have never been to) in search of Irish music. Bought some fiddle music. Not sure I like it yet. Totally fiddle. No session stuff.
I then crossed the river again a continued my digital photography foray of the area. I hope to create some webpages dedicated to my commentary on Fargo and a little on Moorhead.
That's all for now.

Fargo traffic

I have ranted before about Fargo traffic in some vein. Today I will unleash my fury on the notorious 25mph side streets.
These slow moving roads simply become relentless in the mid-morning and afternoon. I have had trouble crossing these niggling traffic creatures. Especially a few by my apartment (25th Ave you know that's you1). Where there are no crossing signals the cars will ignore.
I run and bike and although I believe Fargo to a great city to do these activities in I find that these side streets cause some psychological distress. Stopping in the middle of the crosswalk is the most blatant abuse. Next, turning right while the pedestrian (biker) has right of way. I have got to be on my watch while also trying to keep my rthymn.


Today I worked on all 3 levels at Kaye's Printing. None were remarkably interesting. Moving magazines off the belt, loading postcards, making boxes, stacking news insersts - all physically straining. Starting work at 6am is also a bit of a stretch for me.
I was so bored the other day when the web press was down I read a book about MLA style guidelines.

Recent scat

April 1 marked the start of biking season for me. Started the biking at 5:30 AM to get to work at 6 AM.
I am running regularly again. Not too long but enough to rebuild the endurance. Not sure if I'll do any early season races.
Manchester U are sliding on the table as Arsenal have a firm grasp at the top. Interesting Chelsea versus Arsenal match in champions league coming up. Could determine who will have momentum in league. Chelsea currently stand 2nd.
Should Edu become a Brit? The Brazilian wants a taste of international game but Brazil is stacked with talent up front. It probably would be a good idea. Other Brazilians have done it. It would be weird though.

Passover Eve

Celebrated Passover Eve yesterday and used my new condensed haggadah for the seder. I think I'll call it the cliff notes haggadah.
Today at sundown actually marked the beginning of the official observance of Passover. I've celebrated Passover in some form for the last 3 years. My roommates currently are in Israel celebrating this festive celebration of rememberance and freedom.
The guests' responses were postive. I think some were taken by surprise by the bitter herb. Horseradish can really kick you in the butt. However, haroset was incredible. Makes up for the bitter herb . I cannot believe I made it.
In the condensed version we only drank the first cup of wine and participants were asked to try all the seder foods. We only did a short retelling by reading Psalm 107- which was not exactly a retelling. We then had a incredible meal of roast lamb. Lamb is not necessarily the traditional food but it was symbolic of the first Passover. I omitted the removing chametz because …