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Paul Newman enters eternity

Actor, guy with his own line of food products , and auto racing driver/owner died this Friday. He notably appeared in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and The Sting in addition to numerous other films. Mr. Newman got into the food business after some friends really liked the salad dressing he gave them for Christmas. He and friend A.E. Hotchner then founded Newman's Own, a grocery food maker that gives all its profits to charity. If that don't beat all. They make everything from the dressing to spaghetti sauce to lemonade. I really enjoy the ginger creme cookies.
Few people will remember Paul Newman the race car driver. My mother would have. She used to tell us that she saw Paul Newman at the Brainerd International Raceway.
Mr. Newman was battling lung cancer and died at home in Westport, Connecticut.

Par Ki 93 Class Reunification

It came as sort of a surprise that my class would be gathering to comiserate 15 years after graduation. I put it off originally- I don't like driving to the TCs from Go. Well, I thought it over and paid the fee and planned to attend. The following is a commentary of the event.
It was held at the Grove's other golf course, Mississippi Dunes. The previous reunion was held at River Oaks. The Dunes is far superior with its riparian vistas and deck. It would seems an excursion boat could stop by with clientele. However, I saw no dockage.
Nevertheless, I arrived fashionably late at around 7:30 PM. Maybe around 25 classmates were already in attendance. I saw Tom W. (works for SuperMoms), Jeff R. and then Desi (totally shave head but looking slick) and then I saw Phil M (didn't talk to but he looked tough) and then Mark E (the red hair was shaved) and Joe Fabeck (very jocular.) Sarah , Carolee, Amy Not too many I was very close to but I knew about them so I could strike up a conver…

And I am on top of Twitter

You can now find that I am on Twitter. Currently you can see the entries in the sidebar. Twitter is probably best described as a micro-blog. I am not sure how much I will use it but I got on board mostly because Segue decided to get on to keep in contact during his jaunt across the pond to Soton. Another fellow I read, Lileks, also does Twitter although his appears a bit more cryptic. So don't think I did because of a trend or something. It is a bit like that message on IM or Facebook. Twitter just doesn't have all the baggage (at least none of which I am aware.)
Twitter seems to be made for the Text Messaging (TM) crowd, which I have not quite entered yet. I am thinking about it but why does Europe get all the perks and in the US TM costs extra? I am convinced that it is because all ages of people text in Europe and Stateside it is mostly youthly folks. The only caveat is that odd category- Blackberry users. They're like the prehistoric texters. They probably have a dialec…