Stage is set: Fargo Marathon 2012

5K Shirts
And so the Fargo Marathon kicked off its 2012 run today with the Youth Run, Expo, and Early Bird packet pick up. All but the 5K are closed to registration.
I had the opportunity to volunteer at the 5K packet pick up. It was plenty of fun. Packet work generally is a great way to meet the runners and give them a Fargo welcome. You betcha!
5K packet pick up was moved upstairs from the rest of the races. It gave us more space and generally a less stressfull time. A whole throng of gymnasts came and helped out, too. They had a great time unpackaging bags for runners.
Ran into a few aquaintences of mine while I volunteered. One was running the Half Marathon while the other one, Jeff, recently got a serious injury and would not be running. Jeff has appeared in a previous marathon post a few years ago. He fractured something in his leg while trail running. Jeff assured me he was not using the 5 finger shoes.
Gymnast unpacking bags
Strolled through the Expo, which is again pretty large. I notice quite a few other races are there for marketing. I noticed the Mankato Marathon, a marathon in Montana, the Twin Cities marathon, and of course the Dick Beardsley half. I ran the 5K portion of it last fall
Coach GP looks like he'll be around this year. I was speaking at the Expo this afternoon. I did not see him when I strolled around.
And that is that for now. Looks like the 5k is going to be a scorcher. The Saturday races may get a little reprieve- but just a little. The temps will be pushing the upper 70s by noon.


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