20 May 2012

Running Incognito: Fargo Marathon

You probably already know the winners of the races- the German, the Moorhead woman, the guy who sprinted past Andrew Carlson to victory, and the Ladia the defender of titles. However, you might not know the curious oddities of the Marathon- those individuals who seek running glory while in costume.
I saw my share of costumes- Thor with a hammer, hula guys, a caped female.
Let's start with the grand-daddy of costume figures at the marathon- Superman.
Superman, faster than a speeding bullet, has run Fargo at least 3 times. I am not sure why he does not just fly a few miles.
I am Superman and not blond
 Below I caught the back of Luigi of Mario brothers fame.
Oh no Luigi
 Not to worry, Luigi made a 2nd appearance with Mario and the Princess. All I can say is that Luigi got hit by one of those moving crabs and had to go back to the beginning of the level.
Mario, Luigi, and the Princess and older man

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