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Birthday salutations

Revelers once again
No longer wait for the date
No longer abstain
It's time to proclaim
The day of hullabaloo has arrived.

Phil & Katie- share the same birthday and so decided it was more than a coincidence and married. This is the one in the same Phil who often offers terse sage advice on these pages a few times a year.

Going for intramural glory

A former colaborator of mine and the namesake of the old public access show "The Kevin Myers Show" has embarked on an interesting project that may catch the eyes of the media. Kevin and a cast and crew of tens are producing a made for Internet mockumentary entitled "Intramural Glory." The production values are high and the story is compelling. A number of old friends make appearances as they attempt to make an intramural basketball team. The weird part is that the team will be selected through Internet voting. Kind of like "Hoop Dreams" meets "American Idol" crossed with the "The White Shadow."
Why don't you watch the entire first 4 parts of episode 1 over this long weekend. It's on YouTube and the ratings are rising. Be part of a history making series.


I am thankful for those who place themselves in harm's way.
How are our troops celebrating? Click here.

Thanksgiving greetings

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. It is one of those few holidays that require a feast in order to be celebrated correctly. So turkey, cranberries, sweet potatoes and perhaps pumpkin adorn the tables of Americans this holiday. It is also one of those celebration that cannot hid its purpose- thankfulness and it particular to God. Of course the feast preparation often overshadows this element. Nevertheless I am not overlooking God's blessings in my life. I believe that the Bible says that only a fool would say there is no God. I digress Thanksgiving greeting cards. I have never received one. Maybe you could send me one. This may be a catchy new concept. Here are a few probably lines:
Hope this day gives you plenty to be thankful about.Thankless? No turkey for you.Over a hundred years of Thanksgiving turkeys and no revolts. Have a safe Thanksgiving.Thanksgiving, the only day most Americans eat pie and cranberries.Take this bird and stuff it. Have a great Thanksgiving.Be gratiful l…

What you talkin' bout....Dudley?

Shavar Ross probably is not a name many remember these days. In fact, when he was touching the flame of fame I suppose no one could think of his name. To me, he was Dudley, Arnold's friend on "Different Strokes." The child star moved on, did a stint as an EMT, and apparently found God. Take a peak at his blog which features his photograph, inspiration, and recollections (like the EMT stint I refer to above.).
And did you know he was on "Family Matters?" He played a character named "Weasel." He been busy directing/writing/producing a movie that is due out soon.

And the Pharisees want to kill him all the more

I do realize it is a bit early to be mentioning Christmas. However, the other day I stopped at the grocery store and there in front of the store stood a Salvation Army kettle with bellringer. Christmastide is severving into November for the sake of charitible giving shortfalls. Shame on us.
In my research for Christmas related legends I found an urban legend about a crucified Santa Clause display. It appears that this one gets its fuel from how Japanese interpret or re-interpret Western holiday traditions. There is a bit of irony to this one as often Santa has supplanted Christ as key figuire of Christmas. Perhaps it was the work of political satirists.

That bugs me

I awoke this morning, started the kettle, and poured a bowl of cereal (specifically Kashi Good Friends). I pour the milk and commence eating. After a few spoonfuls I look down and the bowl and notice a few insects floating the in the bowl. They are what I believe to be Grain Beetles. At once I depose the milk and cereal. I then grab another box of cereal and after passing beetle inspection I proceed to eat it.
It appears that these Grain Beetles are adept at getting into packages, especially cereals. I obtained this Kashi on the cheap for the box was beat up and thus these pantry pests could easily invade. The beetles probably entered at the warehouse or store. I have noticed none in our cupboards before.

What sucks - politics

Another post in the continuing saga of finding the things that suck.
In honor of election day my topic to lamblast...politics.
Now politics is easy fodder for straining through for worthy suckage. I don't think we can escape from politics unless we were robots in the real sense of robots. Not these Data like android contraptions. Then of course as robots we would protect life from politics.
In fact I view politics in its most nascent form- holding an opinion. And you know what nearly everyone has one. So what sucks about having an opinion? Nothing really. My beef is with politics subverting statesmenship. No doubt opinions play a part in governance. But we need solid footing if we are to govern responsibly.
Opinions can be fickle. Americans are fickle. We vote for the feel good candidate or more likely the candidate that brings home the most bacon. We let forces change our opinions and often don't check out the facts.
Hope you vote.

Giants fall

For those who like to gloat over Manchester United losses, today would be a good day to do so. The Red Devils got upended in Carling Cup competition by the lower division Southend. From all I read the squad at the top of the Premiereship failed to connect with the back of the net.
In a play reminiscent of earlier Beckham exploits, Southend striker Freddy Eastwood chipped in a free kick in the 1st half to go 1 up on Man U. The Manchurians were denied thrice by Southend keeper Darryl Flahavan and so sealed the match.
In the other giant felling, Falkirk dumps Glasgow Celtic out of the Scottish Cup. Pitiful.

A fitting tribute

Steve Irwin the Crocodile Hunter passed away weeks ago but his memory burns on in this Eternal Jack O' Lantern of Remembrance.

And Ted takes it - are lashes in his future?

The revelation that Ted Haggard, considered an influencial evangelical leader, used drugs, "dabbled" in homosexual sex, and called himself Art seemed a bit preposterous. CNN pushed this story to top billing although it was buried in the first section of the New York Times. On CNN Mr. Haggard admitted to buying meth in an interview! Seems like things might begin to unwind for Mr. Haggard as the investigation continues. Fortunately he seems cooperative.
The spanner in this situation is the timing of the confession, a week before an election where the gay marriage issue is on the ballot for Colorado citizens. Haggard, who resigned as President of the Associations of Evangelicals soon after the story broke, happens to oppose gay marriage so a situtation like this could be beneficial to supporters of homosexual conjugals in helping to veer those on the fence to their side. Nevertheless it does paint evangelicals as two faced and hypocritical.
Still nothing has conclusively been dis…