Shall we run?: Fargo Marathon 2012

The youth race is just around the corner to kick of the Fargo Marathon weekend. I was supposed to be volunteering at the youth run but a volunteer scheduling blunder nixed that- those tasks were to be set asided for the race sponsors. With that volunteer gig gone I signed up for another- albeit further away from the youth race.
Found another cause someone is running for. EJ Scott of Los Angeles, CA, will be running the marathon blindfolded to raise awareness of choroideremia and funds for the Choroideremia Research Foundation. Just what is choroideremia? Basically it is a rare eye condition that leads to progressive loss of vision due to degeneration of chorid and retina (Wikipaedia). EJ plans to run blindfolded 12 marathons in 12 states in 12 months. Fargo will be the 5th marathon of that course. And on an added note, EJ does improvisational comedy and will be appearing at Fargo Billiards & Gastropub on Thursday night in an improv show.
EJ's blog -

Race Coverage
Well, I'll be covering particular angles of the marathon which go overlooked. Hopefully we'll have a new video from Canadian running phenom Cris Estes. See his video-
But, KFGO will be providing radio coverage of the marathon from the lead car and from above starting at 6:30 AM. KFGO is found at 790 AM.
Tutti Frutti, a frozen yogurst establishment with 3 locations in the area, will be giving 15% discount to race finishers if they show them their medal. The offer is good Thursday night through Sunday.

Who is running?
I have found a few elite runners who will run Fargo this weekend but not Luke Watson or Camille Herron, last year's champions. Out of the top ten men from last year only Casey Miller returns. Runners tend to look for new challenges once they have gotten a top place in a race. However local product, Andrew Carlson will be coming back in the half marathon. Perhaps he can regain the course record this year.  Andrew Carlson finished 6th in the US Olympic Marathon trials. I should note there were a lot of Minnesotans in that race including Chris Erichsen, the 2010 Fargo Men's marathon champ and holder of the course record-2:19:55.
The winner of the Lake Wobegon Marathon, Jordan Hanlon, will be in Fargo but will be doing the 10K. His best in 10K is 33:46. He ran the marathon last year.
I will also note some aquaintences from the past will be running the marathon- Chad and Chris. We have seen Chris on the blog before. Maybe we can get an interview with the new interview cam I am working on.


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