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MOA was exceptionally crowded yet I went there twice. It is like old digs for me when I lived in Eagan. That weekend some movie stars were there. No one I knew so I slinked through the crowds. I find that crossing through the amusement park formerly known as Camp Snoopy (Camp Shoot Me to all you gang folks) avoids a lot of useless walking if I need to only go 1 place.
Speaking of that amusement park, I am surprised they dropped the Peanuts motif for the blandness of The Park. No mascots. No recognizable symbols. To me this is a disaster of marketing. As I heard it was also a monetary decision as well. So now Minnesotans will have to be content with the occasional Peanuts character statue. My guess is that the MOA probably has been in negotiations with mascots to replace good ol’ Charlie Brown and friends.
Here’s my list of favorites:
Spam- Pork shoulder gets its revenge. Perhaps the Spam jamboree could be held the MOA and monogrammed sporks can be sold.
Homestar Runner- Who wouldn’t want…

The traffic I left behind

This weekend I visited Lehigh in the Twin Cities. I was astonished and miffed at the increased traffic. Yet, another reason I left it all behind.
Of course the places that have the increased congestion are the places you want to go. So the traffic at Maple Grove and the Mall of America (MOA) proved that America still drives despite inflated fuel costs. A finger points at me too but face it in the Twin Towns biking around only can get you few places. The freeways ensure that self propelled can only be viable within small segments. Of course the place is really big too. Bike commuting from Roseville to Lakeville would require one exceptionally long convoluted ride.
I am glad I left it all behind.


Since when did Bono play guitar? Now he's giving one away for hunger in Brazil. I thought The Edge was the guitarist. Apparently Bono has donned another hat- the guitar hat. If I am not mistaken in the the primordial Paul..ur Bono was asked not play. Perhaps things have changed.
Nevertheless, all kudos to yet another good gesture from the international ambassador of good will.

Keeping an ear on Mayo

Found an internet station that is based in County Mayo, Republic of Ireland. Great local station.
Take a listen to Midwest Irish Radio.

Another Bakker scandel

I guess I missed this scandel about the skyway. It's got the message right on.
The scandel as the Rake saw it.

In short
1. Jim Bakker gave money to build the skyway
2. School put up plaque
3. Bakker fell
4. Plaque removed
5. Bakker comes back repentive after x years in the pen
6. Plaque never returned to spot

Either nobody thought that forgivness is supposed be be done 77 times 7.
I wonder if this plaque ever ended up on Ebay.
Maybe Jimmy Swaggert bought it.

Alterno-nerd: Keith Pille

Remembering those of the Studly Party Night fame, I set out to do some Internet investigating on them. However, Keith Pille has only made a name for himself as an alternative mag writer, online webzine editor, and rocker.
Unfortunately there are not photos of Keith on the web (probably of his doing). I did find one but it was so small I could not tell if it was really him.
Here’s a bit of a back story on Keith. He is originally from Blair, Nebraska and came to UMM where he pursued a course of study in physics. I believe he was well funded for that coursework. Then somewhere around his 3rd year he decided to become an English major. Somewhere along the way he began his writing persona “I am not a crank.” (there is a sample at that link) This in turn became a weekly column in the Register. Nearing the end of his college studies he formed the band Red Hay and borrowed my R.E.M. book.
His American Nerd webzine seems full of mirth and chiding but of course plenty of cranks. I wonder if he’ll …

Ten years of Studly Party Tonight

It is difficult to determine the impact of this group, of which I was a founding member, had on the music scene. What the Studly Party did achieve is....
Perhaps our name is the only achievement. I am was not fondly attached to it but it certainly makes for interesting conversations with other musicians. “Yah, I was in Studly Party Tonight. We rocked out.” Perhaps this could have been the alternate storyline in House of Rock- or maybe it could be the sequel.
We got together a few hours before Battle of the Bands then went on before a crowd of 50 or so. We played 1 song that is still in my repertoire- Canada Dry. It is probably the only song I have ever heard that speaks about a drought that affects the whole of Canada.

I can’t believe my eyes I saw Canada dry.

Here’s to you Studly Party Tonight: Keith, Pat, Ryan.

For all you romantics

Although Valentine's Day had gone by swiftly and the tundra re-froze, there are still glimours of hope like the Northern Lights. Fidelity is also romantic. Check out this Irish legend.
Perhaps it could be a made for TV movie.

Not down with love

Although many surely would accuse me of being an anti-romantic they are sorely mistaken.
I am a somewhat cynical-romantic.
With that said I am sure there must by a myriad of questions concerning this classification. So I shall procede with a short primer on cynical-romanticism in a point style format.
The cynical-romantic goes out of his way to appear non-romantic to ensure that the object of his appreciation does not deflate his mildly romantic scheme.He expresses love through doubt and dismay.He sees romance with quixotic eyes but with dark sunglasses.He relishes the challenge and scoffs at the absurb possibilities it would entail if it ever happens. He enjoys Valentine's Day alone with the hope that the cards, candy, flowers, and other assorted gifts were misplaced or still in the mail. (Or left in a foreign country.)He has big dreams and scorns the possibilities.He jeers the one thing he seeks yet remains passionate about it.To all you Valentines out there. Just go ahead and try …