Flushed from your life

Every spring the residents of Fargo "flush" things from their lives and homes.
This citizen took that very seriously.

Everything and the kitchen sink gets tossed to the boulevards. In this case, the bathroom sink too.
Often there are people who scour the town in their pick-ups and on foot looking for treasure in these heaps. I think there are even out of towners who make an annual pilgrimage to "shop" the streets. Plenty of times these people come away with something valuable.
A friend of mine found some ice trays unused, still in wraps this year. And still another was able to snag some patio furniture in good condition.  My finds are minimal because I just don't have the space for it- but I have found 16mm Disney films, sheet music, and bags. I think I blogged about some of my finds a few years ago.
Going by all the piles of stuff this week, I came up with a few analogies about clean up week. 
  • First, the common call to purge out the bad from our lives. I see connections with sanctification and refining. We confess our sins and God forgives us. And to further extend the metaphor- we still acculumate bad stuff or did not get all the bad stuff out at one time- so we can confess again. 
  • Second, I recall the people who go around looking for treasures in these heaps during clean up week. And that is a lot like us when we did not know Christ- yet He sought us out on the junk heap (or in the mire as the Bible states) and valued us.    


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