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I can be a jerk

A real jerk.
Maybe its because of the 3 minute phone limit.
This is part of an exhibit at the Minnesota History Center focusing on the Greatest Generation. The had some great "time capsules" of the years leading up to WWII and into the 50s. This soda fountain was just one of them.
There was another exhibit about weather in which there was a recreation of a tornado which landed in Fridley in 1965. It was scary cool.

So there was this zombie party

It was a quiet weekend up here.
Well, maybe. Depends on how you appreciated the sound of moaning zombies all over. They can be rather noisome. Fortunately there are guys like McGjervold who can take out a dozen or so of the troublesome undead minions.
Went to a party and sure enough, there they were- zombies. Real crazy looking zombies.

 And there was the food too. I sampled the fare before I called in McGjervold to clear out the joint with his array of weapons and zombie whooping devices.

McGjervold doesn't back down to zombies or their ilk.
Afterword we played pool.

Star Wars reworded

Long ago and far away, a time of mutual dismay
Some battle station plans got parlayed
You'd like to know more, I daresay.

Pursued by evil men. the plucky gal did flee
Hoping to bring peace, at last, to the galaxyIf Ted Geisel, aka Dr Seuss, wrote the Star Wars saga, it would have begun like that. He would have had to pay me for it as I just wrote it, but my rates are reasonable. And of course it would have been animated and Ralph McQuarrie would be a lowly Hollywood draftsman. But alas, this did not happen. However, someone named Watson, and no not that smart computer, decided to meme Stars Wars with the world of Seuss. You can find it here. It would be funny, too, if Bill Murray wrote Star Wars.
Not into Dr. Seuss? Well you can enjoy Star Wars: The Musical in Cocoa Beach Florida this week. The original creation, in that it was written not by Lucas but by students, will feature parody songs. The idea of Star Wars: The Musical has been an idea I've had since college. Since befo…

Odd gifts appear

Probably one of the oddest gifts you can give these days besides ketchup ( or a ketchup phone) is the snuggie.
What do you do if you received one?
Well like this guy below you just rolls with it. Wears it. And appears to enjoy it. In fact it makes him look even more scholarly than without one. It is as if he will be lecturing on the book he is reading in an hour.

Ugly Adverts just keep on coming

Online ad strategy seems to be shifting a wee bit as Ugly is being superceded by bizzarre or 2nd look type images. Yet they are hawking lots of the same junk: mortgages and education and dark secrets to lose weight. Newer entries into the market have been for sleep disorders.
Out first today on the left still keeps a smidge on the ugly side but certainly is pushing for bizzare. She appears more like a hot alien from Star Trek or other Sci-Fi franchise that the commanding officer would woo only to fall prey to her evil plans. I think she would like the mortage for the whole earth and not just a piece of real estate in Lake County, Illinois.

Our 2nd entry just doesn't get any respect, mostly due to the fact they use a Rodney Dangerfield impersonator and photoshop the eyes. It is certain to make you click away to the nether regions of the internets to fall asleep. I think Rodney is sleeping well.

Now we get to the 1 weird trick/tip variety. Here again the agency is employing another S…

The things you find

I was doing a little identity scouring on the web to ensure most of my real persona is obscured or at the very least knotted in a tight codified layer of mystery and came across this cryptic blog post from nearly 4 years ago. It would seem to be directed at me but what it really says I have yet to decipher.
Nonetheless, I know the author. Some would say such a post would have been written under the influence of intoxicating beverages, but I know better. I worked with this fellow. We were programmers er a decade ago. He still is to some extent.
I moved on. He moved and moved and came back. I believe he studied in Europe, got some kind of advanced degree in philosophy or theology, then returned to the states.
Some of the greatest moments with this chap included some arcane comedic conversations.
They were usually in the form of a dictated letter such as:

Dear Mr. L___, It has come to my attention that your latest piece of code has been well received. Under code directive 476 of the int…