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Here again

Back at the old Net haunt - West Acres. After a hiatus of over a month I decided I need to catch up on the Net dragons. So far none have been slane. What a shame (or sham perhaps).
Now for another bit from my Ireland trip.
Aer Lingus brought me to Dublin. I had a great seat. Just behind 1st class on the right hand side. So much more room! I have to say Aer Lingus does have some good looking employees. I never really hit it off with any however. As a side note BMI has the best uniforms.
Thinking I would be getting something really good I ordered the Kosher meal. For the life of me I never knew what I was eating and I know Kosher. It seemed like something with matzo meal. Anyways I get to Dublin and go to the city centre. I spend hours just walking around and seeking sourvenirs, which I realized I needed to appease the people back in the states.
Went to see the Book of Kells at Trinity College and did not even know I had seen it. I thought I was looking at another illumintated text.
Soon it …

Back from Eire...this pilgrim's passion

Returned from Emerald Isle on Monday last. I took approximately 24 hours after awaking at 4AM Ireland time to step back on the soil of Dakota. What was even more bizzare was that the temperature was something like 75 degrees!
People ask me how the trip was and I hesitate a moment and say "Good." Of course that does not begin to break the ground of what encompass my 2 weeks abroad in Maigh Eo. Good is just polite way to say I did not die and I am back with all my limbs attached. It does not even give a hint of the passion I went through. The ups and downs. The highs of feeling near to God and the lows of loneliness and melancholy.
It was absolutely...normal. I felt at home even though those fears of being spit out of Ireland like a wad of dull chewing gum knawed at me. I kept up my running regime and even daily spent some splendid time of prayer. Put a guitar in my hands or any instrument for that matter and I would come alive.
No way.
Would I do it again?
Yes. I mo…

The wild goose flies

Just hours away from departing for Eire...err I mean the Republic of Ireland. Once I was feeling pretty depressed about going but now I am in good spirits. However I still need to get packing. I am sorely behind on that. Plus I am only bringing a well packed carry on. It will be an adventure I expect. Not sure if it will be like coming home but I suspect I will find a kinship. There is some of my history on the island someplace.
I'll be out west in Mayo and in Sligo. I hope I get to go north. I've been brushing up on Gaelic for a while just in case.
Slainte to all you faithful ones. Stay tuned for more adventures.