Bike sharing

I was scouring through my photos and found an image of a refurbished green Schwinn Suburban. It is a 10 speed. Looks like a Brooks saddle and original bag. I believe it is a pre-1974 model. Back at my parent's home we have a 5 speed yellow Schwinn Collegiate Tourist which I got back into working order many years ago. The most recent bike craze has brought back a lot these to the streets again.
green bike
Schwinn Suburban

Below are 2 golden bikes that are part of the University of Minnesota Morris' bike share program. One is a non-descript store brand mountain bike and the other could perhaps be a late model Raleigh Sport. I notice what looks like a Sturmy Archer on the rear. But look at that Brooks saddle! I cannot believe it.

Back in the day there was a guy- we'll call him Mark- who one day pulled up with a trailer of multiple types of yellow painted bicycles to the University of Minnesota at Morris.Mark singlehandedly started a bike share program over 15 years ago. However, in the course of a year, all the bikes disappeared. Not a single one left on campus or in town. And Morris is a rural town of ~6000. Just where did all those yellow bikes go?


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