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The year goes by quickly: 2008 in review

2008 will be the smallest output from the RoyceFiles since its inception unless I crank out something like 20 posts today. I've actually been doing some micro-blogging with Twitter this year that may have taken a toll on the real blog.
As I remember it, the year began with a slight injury I obtained playing soccer in December of 2007. There were a few days I couldn't walk very easily.
Also in January, I started my music making group. We studied music (and worship) related things and then jammed. I'm not sure if it caused the number of music team to double at HCC but it may be related.
If there is anything that could claim to be on the forefront of 2007 for myself it was film/video. I purchased equipment for a mini-studio in late winter and early spring. I filmed 4 short subjects this year. One of which has yet to be edited (its tenatively called Glory Rolled). None of them had a wide release. I also was on crew and cast for a 48 Hour Film Fest team (Team Testudo) in the Go t…

Home for Christmas

I find myself in St. Cloud this morning. I decided not to take a long jaunt home after I got an extremely late start (8:45 PM). I stayed at a Travelodge in St. Cloud. It was small but quaint. It had a flat panel TV and wireless internet plus a little breakfast. Overall, it was a good stay and Priceline certainly helped me get a bargain. William Shatner you are the best!
As a special Christmas treat I've got a link to a Jack Benny Christmas radio show which you can download or listen to online. The Jack Benny programs are gems of the Golden Age of Radio and the Christmas programs are especially memorable. For a number of years they kept doing a Christmas shopping routine where Jack (who has a reputation for being cheap and miserly) would buy a gift for his annoucer Phil only to constantly need to change something about it thereby driving the clerk mad.
In this program Jack is Christmas shopping for shoelaces for Phil.

Happy Christmas to all

Here we are again
On the cusp of December's end
2008 went by in a flash
Yet a few words I will dash
To send greetings and merriment your way
For this fine Christmas Day
And let one not forget
It is better to give than to get
Yet even better still, a son came for prophecy to fufill
To beget life which we could not have
And to point us to the narrow path
So may this day bring you much mirth
As we together remember Jesus' Birth

Merry Christmas everybody.
are you good?

Framed- a tribute to myself by others

On November 1st I was treated to this incredible tribute to myself. Although I had very little to do with the making of this video (I think many of the ideas were lifted from some conversations.) it literally screams with my imprint even if I was portrayed as a sinister friend.
It's got 3 parts. I'm embedding the 1st part on the blog. But please check out the whole thing. It is a very cleverly put together movie.

A little old- 73 year old plays on college team

Look what Intramural Glory started! Roane State Community college has a 73 year old guard.
Read about it in those New York Times baby!
So does IM get a cut of any money made on this venture. I mean it was IM's idea, right? Remember Ace Schoenrock? So this must be one of those reality becomes even more reality stories.