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I think I thought that you required something of me...

Meeting the Children (18:3)

Had the pleasure to listen to the band Children 18:3 a few days a go. They were part of a band tournament connected with a large Christian music festival in Sioux Falls, SD (LifeLight). 18:3 impressed me with their stage presence. It was unfortunate that the sound engineering did not get a cleaner pick up of the vocals. Anyways they won the alternative division and now go on to another round at the festival itself.
It had been a while since I saw them play. In fact David Jr. the lead singer reminded me of that time- the Stevens County Fair 2001. Punk rock maracas made a guest appearance. Since then the group added sister Lee Marie on bass. It is all a family affair now.
By the way See You at the Party has set the list and 18:3 will be there.

A 6th Victory Lap - Lance Armstrong wins record sixth Tour de France - Lance Armstrong wins record sixth Tour de France: "cancer have drawn new fans to a race that has been won five times by four other riders"
It seems that this year's Tour was more touted than previous ones and not without reason. Armstrong's sixth victory in bicycling's most grueling challenge appears to have resurrected cycling from its position as something Europeans only watch to must watch TV around the globe. I am impressed with the Armstrong story, although a bit disappointed with the Sheryl Crow relationship thing. I read all of Outside magazine's section on the Tour and even saw a short documentary on Armstrong on ESPN2.
I currently have a Lance Armstrong poster on my door. Am I just jumping on the bandwagon. Probably so.
With Nike marketing, Lance was and is everywhere this summer. Whenever we see a man on a road bicycling on TV, we all assume that is Lance. This is similar to the marketing of Michael Jordan's "jumpman" …
All the rigors of selling fireworks expressed in this picture

Breaking News - Bob Newhart statue to be erected in Ill. - Bob Newhart statue to be erected in Ill.
Incredible. I wonder why they didn't erect a statue of Bob Newhart as Papa Elf at the North Pole.
Way to go Bob! Love the dry stuff.
Hiking the NCT in the Sheyenne Grasslands.

Invasion of the inflatables at MSBS-Fargo

I had the priviledge to attend the Microsoft Business Solutions picnic in Fargo the other day. Man they really went all out this year. This is one fabulous wing-ding. They brought in something like twenty inflatable things. The food was incredible. A great selection of fruit even some green beans that where done just right. BBQ ribs, corn dogs, pork roast. I loved it all. I am so grateful to have friends on the inside. Now I just need to get on the inside.
It has been a very hot week in Fargo. So hot it is nearly impossible to sleep at night. We do not use our air conditioner much in the apartment. I think it is to keep the cost of living down and not overload the powergrid.
I am practically alone this week as my roommates are busy out of town. I finally got an assignment this week to work with ABC Seamless at the Ottertal County Fair. I did this last year with some success. Fairly simple job (a pun I know).
Children 18:3 are coming to Fargo on Saturday. They are playing at a church …


A tantalizing tale to twart the press coverage away from the upcoming Democratic National Convention in Boston.
Is this Republican spin at a key time for the Democrats? FBI does not think this Sandy Berger "lost" documents from the National Archives thing in  "front burner." Bush says it is serious. Heck yah. But who is interested in the past besides history buffs and that 911 commission.
And just why is there such a push to keep Clinton looking good. Honestly he does look good. He's charisma, baby. Clinton can to do no wrong according to the American public. Should I be angry?
Clinton is likeable. Bush is too. Now this Kerry guy that is an entirely different can of beans. Too bad Bill Bradley seemed to disappear (thanks Gore).
Not dangeresque enough

Firework Completed

Now my firework has been completed I have been thinking what to do to celebrate the momentous completion of this seasonal job.
Have a Caveman Party!
For the past three weeks I have been employed to sell fireworks out of a tent in Alexandria, Minnesota. It was by far better than last year's experience in Bemidji. We actually outsold the Bemidji super tent this season. The one downside is that I lost some important mail during the sale.
I wonder sometimes how they name a firework. For instance, the caveman party (alluded to above), seems rather out there in the name game. It just spouts colored sparks. Why not call it Colorific Tremendo? No, these fireworks big wigs have spend millions of dollars in market research to determine the average fireworks consumer (in the safe and sane states, but more on that later.) would be compelled to buy a firework with the name party on the end if caveman were used before it. Viola! A stupendous sales technique. I think they must have learned somet…