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Send me to...Inspiration Point

Last weekend I had the opportunity to spend some time with young and old people at Inspiration Point.
We worshiped, played, listened, and prayed. In between we ate. I have been at these retreats twice before and like before it was an incredible time.
Ben Goodman and Jeremy Gwaltney (both of North Carolina) were the speakers for the retreat. I had the opportunity to chaffer them.
My friends Mark and Anna Haugen helped organize the retreat and once again did an outstanding job.
Although it was a small turnout (about 30), it was a quality time for all that attended. Jim McCracken was even there. Incredible. I can and should say more but I am planning a web page essay on the even. Hopefully soon.

Like dominoes, they fall

Today I will take a jab at love.
Being happily and advantageously single I find it irking that some would enter this "love circle." Beaming with stars in their eyes, they soak in this emotional high. What really gets my goat is that then they abandon all else and simply dote on this one love. Hey they even get engaged to make it legit. Oh my how passions doth burn!
I am of the kind that says love's passion doth burn but thou shalt have self control. Love is romantic and emotional. No questioning that. It is a powerful realmn. But love is not merely those things. Emotions come and go. Committment, faithfulness, sacrifice- now this is the hard part of love but perhaps its deepest expression.
I may be sounding like a crank- yes I am sounding as one. So here is my gripe- let's realize we are in love, recognize romance, but pursue the utmost for his honor above all. Just because one has waited three, five, or ten years for the one does not give license to let our emotion…

Write me a postcard tomorrow...

Today marked my move into the postcard business. After days on the web press I move up a floor and get to look at pleasant 3x5 pictures for over 9 hours a day starting at the crack of dawn. I admit I don't really enjoy the hours (6am to who knows), but it sure is unique.
I cannot believe the amount of postcards that get printed in Fargo. There were cards for places in Montana, North Carolina, Arkansas, Georgia, Ohio and California. My favorite card of the day was one of a train. I think it was for someplace in Montana. It has a single shot of a refurbished Chicago Milwaukee St.Paul and Pacific E 70 Locomotive. The story behind the train is it was originally built to be used on the Trans-Siberian Railroad but then Ruso-American relations broke down and so the Milwaukee bought a whole dozen of these engines for a bargain. They are nick named little Joe in honor of Joseph Stalin, that crazy leader. This engine had a really good back story on how it was saved.
I took some of the thro…

Waiting in the wings

I auditioned the other day for a musical comedy based on Shakespeare's Tempest at the local community theatre. I decided to do it at the last minute and found no music to sing. I ended up singing the usual suspect - Happy Birthday. It took no more than 2 minutes. There were tons of kids auditoning.
I am not sure I want to make call backs but whatever the Lord wills. I auditioned because I want to be an actor and that's what actors do when they are not acting. But on the other hand I want to train for the next running season. I want to kick a soccer ball around.
I'll be working downtown so I can check the stagedoor.

Hitting the pavement

I laced up my New Balance 716s this evening and ran in the dark as is my custom. It was a bit a chilly but virtually no wind. The weather has been getting better the past week but I was suffering from sinus congestion. I then started to suffer from running anxiety.
Whenever I saw someone running I would feel a deep tug in my soul. This also happens when I contemplate my physique or check out upcoming races.
So I hope to return to fine tuned running machine condition shortly so I can knock off a few pounds and take in an early season race or two.

Wowie Mawie Trinity

I finished up my stint at the boys class B tournament on Saturday by working the incredibly busy Wowie Maui (sic) stand. Clad in Hawaiian shirt I assisted the owners in a massive sell out of fruit smoothie beverages. I sampled quite a bit of the Mango Orange Banana.
Needless to say the stand was raking in the dough and kept us all busy from nearly 7:30 until 9:30 PM. It was a real money tree shaker as those in the sales business sometimes say.
On the court Dickinson Trinity defeated Milnor for the championship. I saw the last minute of the game. Unlike Trinity's earlier games, the Titans dominated Milnor throughout. They eventually won by about 19 points. Trinity were lead predominantly by a bushy haired guy named Chad Glasser. He seemed to be the heart and soul of the team with his big hair.
Trinity fans streamed down from the stands after the win to collectively mob the team with admiration.
Minnesota kicks off their boys basketball tourney next weekend. Morris will be sending …

In a class B of my own

Yesterday I got to work at the FargoDome selling Dippin Dots to fans of the Class B Boys Basketball Tournament. The tournament is for the smaller schools but is much more revered than the Class A (big school) tournament. Has a great back story which I will forgo telling. Regional public television made a documentary about it - One Shining Moment: History of the North Dakota State B. It is by no means Hoosiers but dang near close.
Yesterday's upset - Dickinson Trinity beats previously undefeated New Rockford-Sheyenne.
I'll be back at the dome on Saturday to see who will be crowned champion.

Back Home Again

I have returned from my jaunt home and to D.C.
D.C. was great. Saw lots of stuff. Even watched an early St. Patricks day parade in Alexandria.
It appears the nation is in culture flux again concerning the same-sex marriage issue. I don't believe the spin that this is a civil rights issue. America seems so abyssmal. No one thinks morality exists let alone an institution that was God ordained. It is becoming the abolition of God fearing society.
I read in the Washington Post the other day that those virginity pledges do not impact whether or not one has pre-martial sex according to one study. Those who didn't have the pledge program were actually less likely to fornicate and/or contract STDs.
Will America go the way of Europe- be an also ran. To stand up for something that is right and moral is beginning to be spun as hate speech et al. Slowly freedom of thought and speech are being weedled away to make amends for some minority. Could we not protect both?

In my (old) room

I sit at the laptop and write from my former room at Lehigh which is a horrible mess. It appears my sister made this here second and third closet.
Important news or bad news depending on how you feel about it, Royce Files will be on Hiatus for a bit since I am heading to the Capitol at the nations capital. Hope to write again soon. Caio.