Keeping a headband of the pack: Fargo Marathon

On article of clothing did stick out more than the rest this year- the headband. Nike's resurrection of the image of Steve Prefontaine has done wonders for the headband market. I've been wearing the sweatband for at least 5 years now from more of a practical standpoint that one of fashion statement
Here are a few wearers of the headband.

To start us out we have a rainbow headband- reminding the wearer that there may be gold at the end of this marathon.

Next we have a yellow headband with sunglasses- sure to make you cruise to the finish with charm.

If you cannot afford those special wicking headbands, use a bandana and spend your money on lime green over the calf socks. And forget your shirt at home.

This guy is perhaps the most styling fellow in whole race. He also uses the bandana but gives it a generous width. Sunglasses, water bottle, Ipod, and cool watch- he knows how to run and chill at the same time.


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