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Dubious football: Australia v. Italy

The Socceroos stunned me by making it into the field of 16. I was expecting Croatia to be better. Nevertheless the Aussies played some good football.
Australia faced Italy in the round of 16 and looked like they were in the catbird seat. In the 2nd half Italy were down to 10 men. Then came the 93 minute. That is when Italy gets a dubious foul in the box and thus was awarded a penalty kick leading to the only goal of the match. It was a very cunning move yet most assuredly a dive because not one Australian defender touched Totti.
This was a great match to watch as it came to the wire. Australia kept moving it forward, setting up shots and ultimately missing. Italy played the slow game, holding possession and only counter attacking a few times. Australia could have sealed the deal at least twice in the last 20 minutes. Ultimately best team did not win. The most cunning team did.
Here's to you Socceroos!

Ghana advances, U.S. checks out

Of all the Africa sides (except Togo) I did not think Ghana would play as they did. Today they snapped up a place in the final 16 at the expense of an experienced U.S. team.
Although it would seem the U.S. will return home in shame, no one will really notice. Yes, they came into the tournament with an incredible ranking but they lacked firepower and creativity. I do credit them with a hard fought Italian match, but remember none of their strikers ever scorred Also I think that Bruce Arena may no longer be in charge in the months ahead. A change will do the U.S. good.
With Ghana and Ecuador through what else could possibly happen? Brazil lose?

Lad in dungeon

This is quite possibly the best persecution picture I have seen. Of course this is all a set up but look at this fellow's facial expression. He really looks like he is suffering. I certainly hope he is not locking himself up until England wins the World Cup because who knows with those blokes. For all I know Ecuador may string together a number of good results and overthrow the football elite.

Keane bows out

It probably was not a surprise but Roy Keane decided to retire from playing football today. It had been alluded earlier that if he did not think he could be fit he would hang up the boots.
Why do I admire Keane? I think I've said it before but I like his work ethic and he is tough. He's also an Irishman. And did I mention he is the subject of the musical I, Keano.
He has stirred up an amount of trouble in his day but he went on playing. Injuries slowed him up in the later years but he still played with intensity. Since January he has played for Glasgow Celtic the team he supported as a child.
Now I must wallow in the World Cup. The only excitement I have found in it is the African teams.

U2 Sermons Blog for the book "Get Up Off Your Knees: Preaching the U2 Catalog"

U2 Sermons Blog for the book "Get Up Off Your Knees: Preaching the U2 Catalog"

This one is for Segue. And now I know how Eoghan Heaslip fits into the U2 degrees of separation web in a post on 10.11.2004.
A recent post also quips about Mini-Apple hipster Prince's references to God in his lyrics.
I think there should a blog about references to God at the World Cup. The only one I heard was churches opening their doors to show matches and having special services in the language of visiting fans. Then there was the trite comment from someone saying something to the akin that churches should be quiet places. Hmm?

And the world watches...and I sit still

Opening day of the World Cup and the opening night of A Prairie Home Companion (the movie not the radio show) and the world did not end nor did the righteous depart for glory on 06-06-06. Although the rest of the world may go crazy for the cup (or perhaps PHC), on this side of the world things are pretty calm. A few co-workers were getting a wee bit excited when Costa Rica were ahead of Germany. But of course the Germans, with their trademark patience and precision, came through and won. Although Tico Paulo Wanchope seemed to find the holes in the German defense by scoring Costa Rica's 2 goals.
Who's going to win? Here's my short list.
Going to the end: Portugal, BrazilSleeper team: Ivory CoastTime to hang it up: Italy, FranceTeam that will prevent England from advancing: Argentina (yet again)I do hope England do better but they just don't play with grit. Finally, Garrison and a star studded cast come unto the big screen. Although this film may not make the top of the bo…