21 May 2012

Marathon of 4 Elvises: Fargo Marathon

It just is not a marathon unless Elvis is running in it. Well this year Fargo had 2 Elvises running and 2 performing. Elvis will never die as long as he is running the Fargo Marathon.

Below is half-marathon Elvis running just behind an Alexa's Hope team member. Elvis may make some swoon but Alexa's Hope is making aware the need for organ and tissue donation.
Elvis does the half
 But do not fret, Elvis also runs in the full marathon with his own guitar and a waving roadie ahead of him.
Elvis makes an appearance in the full marathon

Two Elvises also performed along the race route- 1 on the North side and 1 on the South side. I photographed the south side Elvis with his mini-van last year. I caught just slice of his act this year.

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