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On the Road to Glory: To the toilet bowl Episode 12

The penultimate episode of Intramural Glory finds the team coming to terms with the failed expectations as they prepare for their final game. It also seems to be a 2 part conclusion of the the series, but no word on when the conclusion will come or if Humdinger will roll it into a 2nd season. So there's a bit of a cliff at the end.

This by far is one of the best episodes of the series. There are so many great commentaries and get this- there's even drama. Yep, the violin would seem to be playing as Ledge attempts to discuss his friends. However, what tops that dramatic display is Shelby. Yep, Shelby comes back with strong performance. In fact it is Mark Anthony like speech to inspire the team which she nails. Too bad the Ledge misinterprets it. I think one could also see the Shelby speech much like the G.I. Joe's "Knowing is Half the Battle" epilogues.
The Owen and feral cat caper could be another spin-off show after the confession he makes about handling his anger…

Intramural Glory extra: The Crippled Cougar Caper

The Intramural Glory detective gets his own one-off extra feature. A bit of a tribute to the old school noir detectives, this video is almost exclusively a narrative through the finding of the colprit who assaulted Cougar back in episode 9 (I think).

Correction: Intramural Glory wins the Emmy

I had to re-read the source material and realize that Intramural Glory did indeed win an Emmy in the Advanced Media Entertainment category. So I was incorrect to suspect the show was just nominated.
Kevin Myers also picked up something like 2 Emmys for his work at KMSP, the Twin Cities Fox affiliate. I think the station also does UPN or whatever became of that network, too.

Intramural Glory up for an Emmy...a regional one

Looks like Intramural Glory has been nominated for a regional Emmy for broadband something or other. Not sure if Team Unglaubich's losing ways will end with an Emmy victory. I am sure there will be drinking either way. The show has been hot but viewer ship seems to sputter at times. Perhaps it will be critically acclaimed. Then of course I'll get part of that limelight. Although some would argue I am talking out of both sides of my mouth.
In other IM news, Owen looks like he's in a contest to win a spot on an ABA Team. I'm not sure if his parole officer is for or against this. However, I believe he got lots of help from Ross. And don't you think Ross looked more thugish during the pre-season. Or at the very least he was hiding some dark murderous secret from his past.

The Bison get it done

North Dakota State began its offensive early as caravans from Minnesota's north western neighbor converged on the Twin Cities on Friday. This is the closest thing NDSU have had to a rivalry since re-classification separated them from UND. It was also sparked by Gopher's Tim Brewster's comments on not wanting to play I-AA/FCS opponents which belong the Bison. Top that with being ranked #1 in the FCS and not being eligible for post season play. Do the Bison want to prove something? On Saturday morning Green and Gold clad fans all crammed into the Metrodome. Nearly 63,000 spectators were in attendance to witness this somewhat forgotten border battle. One of them was my co-worker, The Captain.
The Gophers have sparred with the Bison on 7 other occasions dating back over a 100 years and have been victorious each time including last year's late field goal block game. Now the Thundering Herd hoped this year's graze in the Dome will be a delicious meal of Gopher.
NDSU held …

The last round at the Chainsaw Sisters' Saloon

In August I took my annual trek to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area. This is just one story from that journey.
I was a bit incredulous when a fellow said there was free beer at the end of the portage. I took my time to lug the canoe and gear 30-some rods to Mudro Lake entry point. It had been a hard day coming out and making it over 4 portages, the last thing I wanted was somebody pulling my leg about free beer.
Nestled upon a hill between Picket Lake and a creek that takes you to Mudro Lakes, stands a watering hole called the Chainsaw Sisters' Saloon. I happened to arrive at the perfect time: a time of free beer and a free lunch (take that Sagan!).
This was no ordinary luncheon. This was to be the last time the saloon would be open, ever.
I hesitantly ascended the heights to the simple building. A live band played and lively conversation ensued. I felt a bit out of place coming out of wilds. I stood around, watched, listened. I perused literature and even took a hacky sack.
Chainsaw …

Blog Action Day- October 15, 2007

I am pondering taking part in this blog action day thingie. This year's theme is the environment and I've got a few things to say about it. Or maybe I could start my BWCA narrative beginning with the "free beer" story. It actually has to do with the Nature Conservatory. Or perhaps propound on Al Gore winning the Nobel Peace Prize (and an Oscar) for his formidable climate change actions. The Nobel Prize for economics comes out today, could there be a worthy debate between economic growth and increased environmental problems?
Roycefiles might be the premiere sight for Intramural Glory commentary, but I have hardly tauted environmental concerns. Perhaps there is a way to combine the two. Maybe I could find out if Cougar has started a fund to save endangered cougars or Kyle has been investing in carbon offsets since becoming incapacitated. Or perhaps expose Boima's litter addiction. Well, the fact is, Intramural Glory news has been near flat the last few weeks except …

Byzantium, I knew thee well

Over the course of the last week, I've been enjoying listening to lectures about the Byzantine Empire, the eastern side of the Roman Empire that nearly lasted until the dawn of the middle ages.
Pray tell, what lectures doth thou speaketh?
Lars Brownworth has podcasted his lectures on the Byzantine Empire since 2005 and I am fortunate enough to be catching the final installments of his 12 Byzantine Rulers series. One wrap up lecture remains to be published, but I listened to everyone and I am glad I didn't have to have a long wait between episodes.
Clearly Lars is a gifted lecturer. I am amazed at the tales he weaves from an empire most of us may have forgotten. I am astounded how many times the empire crept toward collapse but through shrewd, resourceful leaders and a bit of fate it remained intact. He gave me much fodder to discuss with a colleague of mine who literally breathes ancient history. I hope I know more Byzantine history than him.

Check out the lectures. They are ver…

Phil's Oktoberfest

After my fill of Scotch delicacies, I biked over to Phil's domicile and stood in the dark near a fiery cauldron, drank beer and chatted. Apparently most of my acquaintances were missing by the time I arrived. Instead I got to see grad students attempt to melt glass and make sculptures from it.
As always, Phil offered a plethora of beer most of the Oktoberfest variety.
Phil made some great quotes but it being dark I did no have the tools to write it down. You will however be mildly surprised and amused that Phil now works for NASA. Apparently Phil has got attached to a research project that NASA provides the funding. Phil has yet to get any diapers so he can work all day without using the restrooms.

James finally weds

Many of you may know James. He's the guy behind the "butt load" blog entry and also an associate of mine at the navigation place. Well, as it turns out, he decided to get married in a zoo wearing a kilt. My picture does this no justice. All you can see is a merry go round. The father of the bride did wear a kilt too as did James' father and groomsmen.
James shared his conjugal with Katie- basically he married her and invited me and numerous others to watch. Later we celebrated by eating Scottish foods. It was an enjoyable time. I, however, found myself more of an observer because I knew very little of the people attending. The Captain and Gecko, other navigation place colleagues, showed up later a the reception. Nevertheless I enjoyed some scrumptiousvictuals.
Here's to James and Katie- to boldly go....somewhere. [I need to also note that later I will report upon an event I attended that featured the illustrious Phil.]