Marked runners: Fargo Marathon

Continuing the beyond the race coverage of the 2012 Fargo Marathon we present you with a few runners who were shared their impressive body art with us. Running attracts many kinds of people. I was considering make this the major focal point of our beyond the race coverage but did not encounter enough of them to make a decent amount of entries.  Some of them cross genres which we have explored before (beards) and will examine later (headbands and no shirts.) I do not recall any women with tatoos, so we have just a handful of males.

Colorful biceps moving gracefully by with a beard.

A full frontal tattoo with beard and abandoned carpet. He also makes the shirtless category. Looks like a floral display in the center and some artistic doves on the lower shoulders. The abandoned carpet is a leftover from clean up week. Seems nobody wanted the scrap.

And not to be outdone- a duplex of tattoos, and bonus trifecta- shirtlessness, beard, and a headband. You could really make up a drinking game watching the races. I am not suggesting you should 


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