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The web-press identity

I may not be Matt Damon but I sure can act like he can. With that sequel to his spy thrillerama I am not anxious to see it. Never saw the first one so who cares. I enjoy Thomas the tank engine much better. I just wish I was known as the talent Mr. Royce.
I am still pressing on in the web room a Kaye's. It appears that the guy the hired to do the job full time must have bit the dust. I actually worked longer as a temp in position than he lasted as a full pledged employee. Just shows I have the best work ethic. Ah the talented Mr. Royce.
I've been searching for information on Sami Ohayon, my roommate's father. He apparently was an Israeli actor and director so I am trying to find the movies he was involved. Could not find any. I did find an intriging Israeli film entitled Kvalim. Unfortunately it is unavailable on any format in any country. By the way it's a parody about cable television.
At ease on an island on Baptism Lake- the fire warmed our hearts and provided a respite from the gloomy side of the island. Quetico Park, Ontario, CA

In good company

My mother passed away a year ago yesterday (June 6) after holding on for about five years with cancer. She had a tenacity to live and indeed even outlived some of her doctors strangely.
In course of the year I have noted quite a few exceptional people have gone on to eternity. Buddy Ebsen, Johnny Cash, Art Carney, Katherine Hepburn, and Bob Hope to name a few. It was quite inspiring to see that the in the last day Ronald Reagan made the step into the great beyond. Although during the Reagan era my family was staunchly Democratic, I have only come to appreciate what he did recently. Back in those days he was known in my family as "old prune face." He was the only President to who I ever wrote a letter.
Someone was quoted in a radio interview I heard saying "What a life!" I wholeheartedly agreed. From Illinois athlete to broadcaster to actor to California Governor to President of the United States - he lived an enormous life. So now maybe history will give him the c…
Contemplating eternity on a rocky island.

"I am the Mighty Popo"

About a week ago I was enroute to Quetico Provincial Park with my canoeing companions. We had been on the road for some time. Upon entering Canada I decided to turn on the radio. There was a scant number of stations but CBC1 attracted our attention. It was a intriguing show entitled "African Guitar Summit." It featured a menangerie of Canandian-African guitarists, including a guy who calls himself The Mighty Popo of Burundi. Well we could not resist a name like "Mighty Popo," especially when the annoucer made it sound so low key. Kris broke out laughing. Scott wanted the station changed. Matt was mildly amused but was speechless.
With a pseudo-African accent Kris annouced "I am the Mighty Popo."
Then I answered back with another thick African accent "No, I am the Mighty Popo - I killed a tiger with my bare hands." Hilarity ensued as we fashioned this Mighty Popo character with other Herculean feats.
Throughout the trip the catch phrase "…

Out of the wilderness

It has been a full two weeks. I've been on the road and in remote places.
I seemed to have finished my sentence at Kaye's printing, which is a relief. The last days there felt like prison.
I jumped on an opportunity to canoe the Quetico which kept me in remote parts of Ontartio. It was an excellent trip all be it rather wet. It was my second excursion up there.
Memorial Day weekend kept me in Morris. It was a bit boring since the small town generally locks itself up on the holiday weekend. Nonetheless I got a run in and watched the demise of the Timberwolves. It was a good game that Wolves could have won if it were not for turnovers and the points the Lakers scored off them. Kareem Rush's 3-point mania just added to our problems. Next year then. I'm hoping the Pistons can deconstruct the Lakers.