28 July 2011

Fargo Marathon 2011 - the beards ride into July

It has been a sparse July. Not much time to post things with much going on in my wonderfully delicious life.
But here we bring you Marathon in July- more Fargo Marathon beard spottings.

Below we have a very real Colorado goatee surrounded by a multitude of women. The Colorado goatee is also bold enough to sport a head band
Next we got a rare specimen of the almost ducktail. It is a bit blurry since I almost missed this guy. Some may classify this as the common short boxed beard but the slight point at the chin puts it in the ducktail category.

Next a traditional goatee or is it? It might be an attempted balbo. He certainly takes headbanding to a new level.

Here we have the envious chin curtain. Mr. Red Shirt is certainly impressed since this guy goes on to pass him up and leave him in the dust all because of the beard. We also get a bonus shirtless man and a dew rag enthusiast.
Now finally, the old dutch, and a red one with a yellow headband to boot. [Also next to him is a thin chin curtain. Must be a beard running be club because they have similar shirts.] He might have mustache hiding under the nose but this one takes the cake for best beard of the race. It appears he is posing for the camera and saying "this beard will carry me to the finish so get a good look cause I am shaving the second I cross the finish."

27 July 2011

Something Smokey

Well, soon this dungary wearing, shovel toting bear will be 67.
I thought he was older.
Anyways, look like his terminology has changed a bit from forest fires to wildfires. The change probably recognizes all those wildfires of not which have been in the news this past decade. CNN did not give much if any press time to any forest fires I am aware. Although the 2 overlap and may as well just be considered the same thing.
It also looks like they a putting the blame for these conflagerations squarely on humankind. Looks like the excuse that the fireflies started it won't go over well.
Well in honor the fire prevention bear you can read Smokey's story in this PDF file -http://www.smokeybear.com/resources/Smokey-Story.pdf 

It seems to me there is another fire prevention mascot. A dalmation in a rain coat or something. I remember this character from the State Fair parade. The dog and Smokey would have separate floats. The dalmation rode on some kind of fire truck. Did a little research on the internets and I find his name is Sparky. He has a website for kids- sparky.org
I am surprised to see that Sparky is 60 years old this year- not sure if that is dog years or people years.
You can read his whimsical story here- http://sparky.org/book/index.html 
Plus he has a pretty active Facebook page. He also branched out into general safety rather than just the kind related to fire.
Smokey and Sparky teamed up in the 1990s to do some fire safety spots.

10 July 2011

An Explosion of Ugly Online Ads

 It was a pretty sparse blog in June, but here comes July with an explosion. An explosion of Ugly Online Ads!

Our first specimen today is the return of the Obamavertment. Since the guy who has name like his was killed the Prez's credibility for ads has risen. Of cource I am not sure this one has a hidden political statement in it. The man looks rather disinterested in the reduction that the President supposedly has made. His response sort of sounds like "Meh. More reductions. What's new?"
Mr. Disinterest is pretty well dressed for one of these ads. I would suspect he may have been a college administrator in another life.
Next in line is Mudman. Scary new ad hero. Watch out during campaign season, this guy will be throwing himself around freely.
And speaking of super heroes, looks as if somebody wants to give Mrs. President a cut of the online ad biz with this resemblance. I have seen Mr. Obama as a super hero but his spouse is rarely depicted. Anyways, she looks like a smart super hero since she reads books, wears a mortarboard, wears glasses, and a magic amulet. She is sure to outwit the villains or perhaps someone looking for money to go to school in Minnesota. If only she had scissor to cut the big increases in tuition that are being  predicted in Minnesota. I wonder if there will ever be a college crash- i.e. the value of an education at a particular college goes so out of proportion that it prices itself out of existence.
Nothing like a little Americana mixed with an old guy to get you clicking through. I almost thought the ad was for "Free Feral Tax Filing"- the tax upon those living wildly outside of town.
Anti-wrinkle cream ad are prime  opportunities to employ our senior citizens. Here this women looks like she need more than the anti-wrinkle discovery. She need a few cups of black coffee at  least.

These are awful. I just saw it last week. The babies look rather creepy, especially that one on the bottom with the square head. Needless to say, your future baby will always look ugly with this app.

Finally, this has got to be the ugliest use of a female I have seen thus far. I am not sure what they were aiming for with the model. It looks like a bad make-up year or perhaps an outcast from Braveheart. She looks a little bit uncivilized but the 80s big earring does her in. This is another Obamavertment where is suggests our President will lower your mortgage. The lady is probably yelling in victory after stalking her evening prey.
"I have food and now my house payments will get smaller. Yabba dabba!"