That bicycle kind of time

Once again it is bike month. But nearly every month for me is bike month. I think I rode in every month this past year. It was a mild winter so riding was a bit easier in the normally chilly months.

One of the goals of the sponsors of National Bike Month is to get bicyclist to ride safely. With many using bikes in the community as a way to get around I see plenty of safe and unsafe practices. Probably the most irksome is when those who ride at night do have proper lighting or light colored clothing. Riders become virtually invisible unless there is some cue for motorists to know you are there. I especially recommend hi-vis vests or shirts for day or night riding. You can find some as cheap as $5.

Now for a bike safety video from ages ago. It might be old but it goes over most of the safety rules which are still recommended today. Notice too that the bicycles are ridden in the streets. Bikes can ride there. The only odd piece of advice in this video is the way they tell you to make a left turn at a busy intersection. It works but I doubt it is commonly recommended anymore.


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