24 December 2004

A thief in the cold night

One of my least favorire experiences is locking myself out- be it my car, my house, my workplace. I just does not bode well with me. Tonight two of those happened. I locked my car and house keys in my car. Everyone was gone for Christmas and it was below zero. Nevertheless I hiked 16 blocks to some friends' house and sought refuge and help. They were more than willing to lend a hand although it was quite chilly. I am very much indebted to them for their assistance.
To make a long story short we failed to get into the car or house by those old standard non-dirty break in methods. At last I find a small basement window could be opened with some tools. I squeeze through the window and the rest is history. I was very glad.

22 December 2004

...but we are looking for the city that is to come." h.a. kallio meditates with empty chairs behind her. Posted by Hello

Relax. It is only a holiday

At last the stress is nearly over. With the radio drama done and completed I have more time to rest- or at least think about it. I have not made it to bed before midnight all week. I needed to do my Christmas shopping. I completed most of it in one evening. I am glad. I am the type of shopper for gifts who needs to sense if it the right gift to purchase. If I get a bad feeling about it I walk away and look for something different.
Speaking of the holiday season, one of my favorite things of this time of year is the music, especially the carols. UnfortunatelyI have not had the opportunity to carol this year. I wish it was more of a tradition in my family. It never was but both my mother and I enjoyed the music. This past week I have had the opportunity to listen to most of my Christmas music. A majority of it is of choral tradition which I am found. I could imagine visiting England at Christmastide and hearing the choirs sing the ancient songs in great big cathedral-like edifices. Then afterward I would open a cracker and find some wassail. The British Christmas traditions resonate within in me. In these states the traditions get mixed and mingled until they resemble a new species of Christmas.
In researching old Christmas legends for the radio drama, I discovered a wealth of inspiring Christmas literature at project guttenberg. I was particularly fond of a tale about a forest that blooms and becomes springlike on Christmas eve. The story of St. Christopher was also intriguing. Do a little Christmas reading this year.
Until next time.

19 December 2004

Merry busimass

This has got to be the most hectic season I've had in all my years. I totally missed the blog birthday. I have been working non-stop on the a Christmas radio drama. I have not had hardly an ounce of shopping for gifts. I had actually planned to do it online, but it is too late. Besides I am hardly online as it is these days.
Holiday salutations to all if I don't write later.

02 December 2004

A note from Bill's best friend!


I am Bill's best friend. Bill has accidentally left his blog open on my computer.

I want everyone to know what a great guy Bill truly is! There is not a better friend that exists than Bill. He has a great sense of humor and has a great servants heart! He is always willing to help out anyone in need in anyway he can. Bill is a great guy to go and have a beer with and also a great guy to go to a worship service with. He will make some lady a great husband some day!

Bill is a great spiritual role model for all! He has a great prayer life, is very disciplined, and has a great knowledge of the scriptures. I hope to be more like Bill some day.

So as you read about Bill and his adventures please understand that the world is a better place because Bill is in it! Say a prayer for Bill when you think of it.


Remember me

Back again after such a long time. There have been up and downs and even sideways. I have not had much time online as of late. When I have I just couldn't think of a thing to blog.
So is this some kind of apology?
Realty bites. (You know about that Ben Stiller!)
I ask myself- where am I going? amI making a difference? Then that leads to the question- am I making sense?
Well, here's a bit of wisdom- ask good questions. Let the credit go to Socrates. If we realize we are ignorant and without knowledge, then we shall know we are true seekers. It also goes far to exhibit a trait which is disappearing in our society- humility.
Humble yourself and perhaps you will be exhalted.