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Keith Pille still in the comic life

I have spoke of former bandmate, college classmate and RD, Keith Pille previously. At one time he was churning out his own E-zine, American Nerd, but it met the fate of Eudora Welty and is slowly becoming a relic of past genius.
However, Keith and some of his minions from the Nerd got another site which does not seem to be collecting dust.
Anyways I submit for your perusal, one of Keith's forays into comics, Nowhere Band. Sounds like a good reality show if it ever gets made. Maybe it has and I am living on a ship in a bottle.
Keith has a few other comics on the site that are interesting (and informative), too.

Shooting pool and wearing Old Spice

The intensity of pool competition at Rooters requires more than a cool cologne- you need Old Spice.Pictured, Luke- the Royce Files' Old Spice man

Real glory

He's 59 and he's not going to be playing on an intramural team. He, Mike Flynt, is actually returning to college and playing on a Division III football team. Read about it here.
It sounds a bit like the Ace Schonrock from Intramural Glory except this guy's back story involves a lot less booze. Seems crazy but I play in a soccer league with a lot of older adults and many of them are in excellent shape. This season I have been nursing a nagging leg injury. It's the pits but I still put in my time and hope that at 59 I can return and get more glory.

I follow who?

A friend of mine wrote this article a year ago which is a pretty good take on something that probably will be slowly disappearing in this generation. Or will it?
Calvinist versus Armenean debate does not hold much value for me, though it is useful to know how one views how one makes it to life's ultimate destination.
The point me think is in the final statement-
"...putting our understanding of Christ at the center of our lives instead of putting Christ Himself there. "
It seems to suggest knowledge is inadequate which really goes against Western ideals. Remember the old adage- knowledge is power. Of course I believe God chuckles because it says a few times in scriptures that his thoughts are higher (superior) to ours. When knowledge is exhalted God seems to be downgraded to a benevolent force which follows a set course of action which we believe is true. No wonder people argue that man created God.

Man City with the upper hand

Just two months ago Manchester City was managerless without a hope to do anything in the upcoming season but roll over and play dead. Then along comes a controversial Thai political exile with lots of money who "buys" the club. Former England boss Sven-Goran Eriksson is brought in and the transformation begins. City has become a contender.
Maybe it is too soon to say, but finally I can be glad to wear my City shirt. So far City are 100% perfect and that includes a victory against the big dogs across town- Manchester United. Time will only tell if this is a fluke. United were without Rooney and Cristiano Ronaldo and new signing Tevez shot close but failed to hit the back of the net.
Click here to read more about the City and United derby.

On the road to glory: Win or go home

The producers of Intramural Glory decided to push back a YouTube release of the latest episode and instead released from their own website:
In addition to the release from their own site there is also a contest/feedback thingie going on. $50 dollars of something will be won by some lucky viewer. Maybe an expense paid date with Bobby Ledge.
Nevertheless, our latest episode finds the Team Unglaublich trying some new approaches to get primed to make a push for the play-offs. So far their on court performances have been lackluster. Leave it to distant ownership to bring in a psychologist and a spiritist in addition to having Shelby lecture on good manners to prepare the team to win. Coach McCue cannot believe it. Owen's parole officer also makes an appearance and the Ledge has been sheared. And to top it all, a mystery assailant whacks Cougar. This is a pretty beefy episode. I almost expect there to be outtakes coming sometime.
Great ensemble performance. I canno…

Grace in the the wilderness

I finally made it out of the wilderness and returned home after only a few ordeals. For one, this year I did not have a brush with death. I was smarter. I didn't try to traverse bogs. I also did not try to press the limits of my skills. I had to cut back my intended trip plans mostly because I surmised I would not make it to Canadian waters and back without overextending myself. Nevertheless, it was a challenging trek. There were 2 portages over 200 rods and 2 over 100. Detailed journal of the trip will be forthcoming
What I found this year was grace in the wilderness. Things were difficult as they usually are out in the BWCA but they were overcome.
I have this strange belief concerning Burger Time French fries. If once you finish them you find more in the bag then God is going to bless you. If you find more then, you will be blessed even more. Well, it just so happened I found more. I'm not sure I'll attribute this all to the Burger Time fries but when difficulty arose God …