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The Irish make soccer news double

The past 2 weeks in football saw an Irishman land a leading story and both stories happen to include Manchester United.
Cork native Roy Keane ripped himself out of United's season. Although hoping to return to the line up after injury, Keane pulled out of the club and then had his contract voided. Details were sketchy on what made the oft critical captain Keane pull out early but there has been speculation that he may not have approved the direction United were going this season. So now the hunt begins. Will Keane play for another side once the transfer window opens in January? I think he will but I have no idea where. Celtic has always been a possibility.
Belfast born George Best died this past week. He has been considered the most talented player to from the home countries and rightly so. He spent a majority of his career with Manchester United and indeed helped the team to glory during the 1968 European Cup. He made his way to play in the states a few times as well. With the arri…

Stormed in

It has been almost a decade since I've been stormed in by the creeping hand of winter (which of course does not begin for another month). Freezing rain began it and then came the wind and snow. Interstates closed. Schools closed. The whole city closed.
I went out to move my car to discover almost a 1/4 inch of ice on it. I spent nearly 2 hours working on it. I would never venture out on the bike in this weather. It was miserable and impassable.
Today I cleaned my room and wondered if I would be called upon to work. I did however land an interview with the Dakota Clinic.
Oh what an extended weekend.

Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving salutations. Hope your turkey is well done and the cranberries are not too tart.
My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving probably because of the food but I also like it as a time to reflect and realize that all good things don't come from ourselves. It is a good attitude to have especially as entitlement continues to drive our culture towards complaining.
Hey we may be better off than many others but it is prideful to think we are deserving of it and if we don't get it we have a right to complain. I've heard a lot of complainer working through employment agencies. I'm thankful that I do get to work from time to time. And I'm very thankful when its something I really enjoy.
Here's a list of Thanksgivings for 2005
1. I am still alive- this year I have been hit by cars twice and thrown off a motorcycle. Whoa!
2. Bicycling- I have enjoyed a good year in the saddle. Started to tour too.
3. Ireland- I am thankful I got to the island this April. I am always hopeful…

Gasping for employment

Although it appears the Go area has the lowest rate of unemployment in the nation for September, I am still sinking to the bottom in what I am told is a good job market. However, I did get an interview the other day with one of the local colleges which was encouraging to say the least.
The interview went okay but I came out of it thinking "I really don't know much about computers anymore." I kept a good conversation about viruses and spyware but it seems everything else I just said "No, have not done that." So I think my prospects are rather low for landing that position.
Now am I in gap land with the agency. There is a continuing anxiety about what assignments they proffer. The last 2 weeks I was back at the mill. It was easy and I think it will pay the bills.

Waiting can be more difficult now that I've got others wondering if I am looking for jobs every hour of the day. Do I just say "Yah, I'm doing something" or snap back? Then there's a …