27 November 2013

Thanksgiving Eve watch and listen

It is the night before Thanksgiving and all through the house not a person was hungry- not even a mouse.
All watched the clock on the oven click down- for they knew at zero a roast turkey would be found.
And with would come mash potatoes and beans and culinary delights fit for the Queen.
Some stuffing, cranberries and a sweet potato or two- these foods would be eaten and consumed by the next day at 2.
And to top it off a pumpkin pie would be sliced then dolloped with whipped dream to top off Thanksgiving night.
But now we all wait for the turkey to arrive
And now watch and listen to what some people have contrived
To commemorate this ole holiday of thanks.

Years ago I wrote a Thanksgiving program for the college radio station in Morris, MN.
A Kumm Thankgiving Pageant

Then watch Charlie brown putter his way through Thanksgiving
I must admit this Charlie Brown special is kinda of corny in the set-up. It not the best but it certainly is not the least. And it is one of the few longstanding specials that revolve around Thanksgiving. I sort of make an allusion to this show it in the KUMM program above.

Next learn about one of favorite food for Thanksgiving- cranberries

 Finally something from way back- George Burns and Gracie Allen celebrate Thanksgiving
I have not watched this one before- but generally the setup for the show is Gracie's crazy schemes and George's commentary on the scenario.

14 November 2013

Trains and WWII

With this week starting out with Veterans' Day I think this would be an appropriate video to re-post from the Tube.

It is an informative film concerning an air attack on a military train. 2 P-51s bomb the railroad and the train crew responds albeit without eliminating the enemy aircraft. You may think it is odd that that US planes would bomb a US military plane but I doubt anyone was ready with cameras to film an actual attack. The aid response was particularly quick- but what can you show in 4 minutes. Once the trucks arrived they went right at it to restore the railbed.

02 November 2013

The remote sauna

Sunset in Voyaguer's National Park

In August the Man of 3 Name and I took a canoe trip into Voyaguer's National Park in Northern Minnesota. To our surprise we were the only canoe we saw in the park (notwithstanding the canoe party from Illinois that was leaving as we were entering the park.). Voyaguer's is a big water kind of canoe area. Most of the smaller lakes are interior to the Kabetogama Penisula. We traversed the eastern bays of Lake Kabetogma to the big waters of  Namakan Lake and base camped in Junction Bay.
The weather was pleasant but did drop in the 30s one night. We also had a spectacular show in the evening skies- meteor showers.

I digress as this post is about the sauna we found in the wilderness.
On our way to Junction Bay we passed through a narrow gap between 2 islands. As we got closer I thought I saw some type of building on one of the islands. However, we paddled on without investigating.
The Sauna
On our way out we came through the area again and this time decided  to disembark and poke around this island.
There were quite a few building on this property including a sauna just a few feet from the lakeshore.
Apparently it was an old resort for a time- I.W. Stevens Pine Cove Resort- and is on the National Register of Historic Places. Here is a write up about the place and the man, Ingvald, who lived on this island. The article does mention the sauna and that it was built in 1935 with the help of 2 Finns- Waino and Eino Lahti. Or at least I think they are Finnish- the name sounds Finnish. For its' age the sauna appeared to be in great condition. The red door was a nice touch. It just needed a sauna stove and you would be set.

The Sauna Bench

01 November 2013

End of the Harvest

It has been a full to the brim fall with lots of work to do. And now with Halloween over we are heading downhill into the new year and Christmas.
Well this year I did not make it to the Great Minnesota Get Together.  

Painting of Sky Ride at MN State Fair by my MFS
Instead my mostly Finnish spouse and I (and the Boe) went to a reunion- the West Central Minnesota Steam Thresher's reunion in Rollag, MN. Though neither of us were steam threshers, we were allowed to go if we paid the admission price (I think it was $12 but it might have been $10). Anyways this event is incredible in that it helps us revisit an older age- the age when hard work and the brawn of steam engines ruled the land.

Steam shovel at Rollag
We saw lots of steam powered agricultural equipment in operation. But that is not all. There were 2 steam powered sawmills, a parade of tractors, lots of small motors, and an authentic steam locomotive that circled the entire grounds of this event. 

Besides being a agriculture spectator this year, I planted a garden. It it was a real good harvest. Plenty of tomatoes, broccoli, peppers, beans, squash, beets, cucumbers, lettuce and squash. Nothing beats eating food that you grew yourself. We also procured a lot of crab apples from our tree for apple butter. A lot of apples also came our way from the 2 apple trees at Lehigh.

Gardening provides many a great analogies for a life following Christ. Jesus used many agricultural examples in his teaching- recall the parable of the sower or Jesus' teaching from his "I am the vine" statement. Planting a seed requires an amount of trust that something will come of it. I know from reading and hearing from others that seeds grow and produce fruit. But it is not until I plant the seed myself that I can ever reap any of the fruit. 
Jesus said in the book of John (15:5) - I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.
That sums up how we are to depend upon the Lord; how we can do nothing without that relationship intact. In my own strength I cannot make a seed grow- only the strength of one greater than I can do that.
a portion of the harvest