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48 Hours and stuff

It's been a hectic month and the RoyceFiles have been in the trunk locked up. Twitter has been updating sporadically.
In the meantime, we (well, the production company I work with- Testudo) wrapped up production on the film Mary Weatherby. Its in post production.
Once I get over the hump of work I might have time to edit project titled "Glory Rolls"
48 Hour come back to Go in June. I am thinking I might do Minneapolis too.

over and out for now.

Bison down Jackrabbits easily

It's been a hectic month but I made time to attend the NDSU men's basketball game against SDSU. In fact I brought my entire homegroup to the game. The Captain was supposed to have come but he got caught up in something else. We, my homegroup and I got there late and as it would have it, our seats were occupied by older people (we were late because we were just finishing a delicious meal at James'). I didn't want to make the confrontation (guess the joke is on me if you read that previous post) and so we stood along the balcony and then I got near courtside on the Northside. It was a full house at the Bison Sports Arena. Perhaps the largest crowd on hand to a game I've attended. NDSU did not disappoint with Ben Woodside and Brett Winkelman scoring in bulk. In fact Brett worked himself up to #2 highest all time scorer in NDSU history this evening. The #1 top scorer is Woodside. Along with Luke Moorman, Mike Nelson, and Lorenzo Riley, this was the Bison's final h…