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Labor Day and the unintentional hiatus

Finally! I can catch some rest and some fish.

Labor Day cometh and I can rest from my corporate labors. It has been an extremely busy time for me at the multi-national company for which I work. Fortunately I was able to add 3 more support staff this summer to help when the going gets tough.
It has been nearly 2 and a half months since the last post so and I guess it looked like an unexpected hiatus. Well, it was expected  but definitely unintentional.
Let me count all the adventures I've had since we wrapped up the Fargo Marathon.
I planted a vegetable garden and volunteered at the Growing Together Community Garden. A separate post is forthcoming about gardening.
I returned to the Back to 50s Car Show in St. Paul after missing last year due to the wedding bumper crop.
June just flew by at lightning speed.
In July I had a considerable amount of stuff. On Independence Day I visited Bonanzaville with my MFS and the Boe, a new character in the Royce Files sphere. We were well roasted…