17 May 2012

More bikes

I think I am must be on a series here of vintage bikes of yesteryear.
Here are some pictures of bikes I have seen around town

First we have an orphaned bike that just showed up at work. It is a CoastToCoast Medalist 12 Speed road bike. Coast to Coast was a hardware chain. In fact some still exist. However, Coast to Coast was absorbed into the True Value brand. From my research on the webs this a brand may have been made by Schwinn but branded Coast to Coast. I doubt that this model was one of those Schwinn made however I like the semi-full fenders.

Coast To Coast Medalist 12-Speed
  Wandering through the neighborhood I spotted this one- a Schwinn Breeze 5 speed with an added front wire basket. Might be 1970s vintage but could be earlier.

Schwinn Breeze ~1970s

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