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The cold war continues

It might be spring but the cold war continues as these two fellows guard the hinterlands of Shadrapistan in my latest movie. The basic premise is an American is trying to smuggle contraband into chumunist Shadrapistan and must make his way past the guards. Comedy ensues.

O my, it really is Jesus

I decided to try my hand at making a Jesus film. Hey, if Mel Gibson can do it, so can I! My only regret is that our budget did not allow for us to film on location. Instead I used an old building downtown. I'm going for a real modern retelling of the story with Jesus entering a department store and knocking over tables and doing the sermon on the mount from a balcony. Well, I need to edit this thing for an April 5th show, so good night

Where has all the time gone to

I failed.
Easter went by and I did nothing to add to my musings here. In fact I think I hardly did anything with a computer that weekend. No wait, I made the power points for Sunday morning and wrote a script for Sunday. So I guess I was busy. Too busy.
Today I'm hoping to make a video- if everyone cooperates (actor and producers)- and then I play a gig at the Cornerstone. Hopefully I won't be asked to do much more this weekend.
So I will further tease you with 2 ideas which I have been pondering to blog on:
1. The Champ- Recently I was moved from my desk location at work and now sit by a fellow who I call the Champ, because he really is one. In 2000 he played an integral part in the Fargo North High School Spartans football championship. Unfortunately the next season he had an injury and sat out most of his senior year. Nevertheless, he still is a champion. He might even become a darts champion too.
2. A soccer league of her own- Sarah has been playing on my indoor team for a fe…

Stay tuned

Well, things as of late have been hectic. In fact it's been hectic since Christmas and now here it is nearly Easter and the post get more and more sporadic. My hope is to get some summary stuff up this weekend. Posts you might see will include:
1. St. Patrick: Who are Ye
2. Raving Red Riding Hood
3. Looking at the Resurrection
4. A short summation of what's happening in the world of sport

And of course there may be a few pictures of stuff. I'm still hoping to have a feature on a teammate of mine on the soccer team. She's a threat and doesn't give up on the pitch. I forgot her name at the moment but I've got a few words to say about her although the team is miserable. The high point however was our first win. I actually scored twice. Greedy me.

March comes in like a lion

It seems like February just blew right by although there were 29 days instead of 28. Nevertheless here we are in March and boy is it still frigid. I hate it. This type of cooler should be shut off after February. I think the groundhog didn't see its shadow, it saw nothing because it died. Probably at the hands of a vicious poacher.
With the passage of time comes some new things. My mini-studio has begun production in earnest. Today, I filmed a unique story using various media. The hush is out on this project but hopefully I can get a wider distribtion later this spring. In the hopper I've got a documentary spoof about a guy who plays Jesus. Tenatively titled "Department Store Savior," I hope to make it feel like a This American Life segment. Hats off to you Ira Glass. In other rants, Fargo needs to be consistent with shoveling and clearing sidewalks. The city gets down on the negliegent but often fails to do their part in sidewalk that are in no man's land. As a w…