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It's a pigeon thing

Pigeon John rang in the New Year in Alexandria, MN once again. Currently he's touring somewhere. Canada I think. Maybe even in your own neighborhood.This rap-hop stylist has branched out recently into poetry and blues. I think that he should do a duet with Jack Johnson. Now that would be hot! Perhaps a redux of Brushfire Fairytales. (Perhaps somebody should suggest that to PJ)He's a good act and a charming chap. Recommended by DJ Segue. Kid tested and mother approved. Although he is not dating my sister, be forewarned that he may be looking for your sister (if you have one.).

The new PODject

An associate of mine, DJ Segue, called me a week ago. He had an idea and needed my assistance.
Segue wants to develop a Podcast for his organization. He wanted it to be like Prairie Home Companion and a radio drama.
Now I am entering into the world of podcasting. This could possibly be a great way to showcase the pseudo radio show my roommate and I improvise. I'm sure the world is now ready for Rick Gjervold's Riparian Bird Habitats.

New to the podcasting revolution. Here's freebie: a classic radio drama podcast site. This cast gives a little commentary and also plays a classic radio drama.

Vikings invade

In the late 8th and into the 9th century Vikings were making raids into Ireland and establishing settlements. Limerick and Dublin have Viking (Norse) origins. Eventually the Irish just assimilated them into their culture and society. In fact some became more Irish than the Irish themselves.
The horns on the helmet motif is a myth.

Pray for Ireland

No 40 day fasts up on the Croagh, but it being a feast day for Ireland's chief saint, Patrick, one should probably say a prayer or 2 for the isle.
According to legend Patrick spent 40 days atop of Croagh Patrick praying for the souls of Ireland.
What could you pray? How about healing from years of injustice? Or perhaps for the peace process in Northern Ireland to move forward (currently it is stalled). Maybe you could pray for relevant outreach to youth or hunger for God.
So while you watch the parade, sip a pint, or watch the The Quiet Man remember Ireland with a prayer.

Lord may the Irish pursue the faith and devotion of Patrick with renewed passion. Amen.

The Irish in film

For those of you who want to celebrate the patron saint of Ireland's feast day with a course of Irish film should look no farther than This site organizes films about Ireland, that take place in Ireland, or involve Irish-American characters. It it is well laid out and has quite a few pictures I never knew about. And these movies are not all about fairies and drunks. There are, however, many at the R rating. I need to make some PG Irish films.

The making of a Viking

Visiting Viking ships could be hazardous to your future.

The opium dens at the Celtic Festival

How's that for an attention grabbing headline about the 3rd annual Celtic Festival in Moorhead?
In actuality there were none. Not an ounce of opium anwhere to be found in the Hjemkomst Center. Although there was some possibly potent lime-jalapeno jelly. Who knows what effect that would have on a person?
My roommate and I took in the event that featured a dozen or so presentations on Celtic related things, Irish and Scottish dancing, and Celtic music. Greenman "headlined" the event and performed some jigs, reels and pumping bohran rhythmns than even got Scandnavian audience members to move their feet. I for one am not counted in their number.
We decided to attended a presentation entitled "North Dakota's Celtic Heritage" and where pleasantly surprised with a college level lecture by Fr. William Sherman. It was very informative although only the last ten minutes were about Irish immigrants. He spoke mainly about the Brits, who in the course of lineage are somew…