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It is Christmas once again

Well, the holidays have a way of sneaking up on you and trying to pull you into the pit that is not the holiday itself but the Bizzaro holiday world. You know what I mean- the stress inducing things, the unrest, the traffic, the crowds. Really if somebody was searching for holiday cheer they'd be totally missing it.
But today I bring you the thing I like about Christmas- the music. Sure you get sick of it after a while. Some of it is like Skittles- I can't eat too many of those before all fruitiness is ruined for weeks.
Here's some songs I enjoyed this holiday season:

Josh Wilson's "Noel" or "Jesus is Alive"

Josh is a multi-instrumentalist but this arrangement on piano is simple but elegant. The song does speak to the reason I celebrate this time of year- the birth of Christ. Josh please come to Fargo
Next a gem from Bebo Norman I unearthed.

Released back in  2008, I have only heard this tune once on the radio. And I have only found it once online…