Further exploits of the Fargo Marathon

Where other media outlets stop at the winners and a few human interest stories, the Royce Files goes further in its coverage of the Fargo Marathon.
A highlights video has been posted on YouTube that allows you to see winner Oliver Hoffman flash by.

The Royce Files HQ on the marathon route was right on mile 8 for the half and near 22 for the full marathon. Just down the street from WDAY. No live Tweeting, however. I was a one man operation with 4 cameras. 2 ran out of batteries plus I had to grill hot dogs and bratwurst and play banjo. Fortunately I had a little help from my friends.
The streets were crowded earlier on around mile 8 for the half marathon but dwindled as most of the pack passed by. Still there was plenty of cheering happening when the 1st marathoners arrived.
Royce Files HQ
 And speaking of friends. Here we all are cheering on our mutual friend Tammy as she ran by in the marathon.
Tammy is greeted by adoring fans

They say North Dakotans are hard workers. Well, Gina Aalgaard Kelly of Lisbon, not only won the 10K but she came back and ran the 4th leg of the marathon relay. It seems she was taking a chapter out of Cris Estes book.


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