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Of rock paintings, Ewoks and Boba Fett the Evangelizer

Entries have bee sparse of late. 2 weeks ago I lead a expedition to the BWCA up the Nina Moose and into Lac La Croix. Then the weekend following I ended up painting an entire house and attending a picnic in the Grand Cities. Of course you could point the finger at me- as a blogger you should be writing about those things. And eventually I will. Just not all right now. In fact I've got to get the bike adventure finished before I begin the canoe voyage saga. But in this entry you will hear enough about those days to be satisfied.
While out in the wilderness we came across some pictographs which you see above. This are the pictographs you can find on Rocky Lake, which is accessible via the Little Sioux Indian or Moose River North entry points. They are nothing like the ones just a few miles away on Lac La Croix. No discernible figures here except for perhaps a representation of a deity (the crosses).
The set at Rocky Lake don't get much attention. I found very little even suggest…

Signs of Beer Extra: The end of Gluek's

The end of summer may be the last time you will put away a case of Gluek's for hunting season. The regional label will no longer be produced by the Cold Spring Brewing Company down there in Cold Spring, MN (which is near Ricori, right?) The demand for craft beers was cited as reason for extinguishing Gluek's.
Gluek's had been around for quite a while. Its namesake, Gottlieb Gluek, starting brewing in Minneapolis around the time of Minnesota statehood according to this history page. The Minneapolis brewery ended up being bought and then demolished by the Heileman beer giant. Gluek's brand was eventually acquired by Cold Spring Brewing in 1997.
I have not experience with this beer. I have seen it in cans around town but didn't really give it much attention altough it was a regional brew. The only thing I have drank that Gluek's/Cold Spring Brewing had a hand in was Dorothy Molter Root Beer. I drink a lot of the stuff when I visit Ely, MN.
Hey, Lileks has a tribu…

Journey to the Center of North America: Part 1

I finally am getting to writing about my bike trip a month after it happened. As usual it will come in installments. Hopefully you'll enjoy my adventure I took with the Man of 3 Names.

Early in June, or May,  I got an e-mail from the Man of 3 Names. He wished to join me on my annual bike jaunt if it was OK. It was.
I left most of the the route planning to him since he had much more time than I and excelled at planning. In fact he could have won a gold medal in planning if he hadn't gone into landscape architecture.
3 Names set out a tour through Northeastern North Dakota that would pass through Pembina Gorge, the Turtle Mountains, stop by the International Peace Garden, and then go the geographical center of North America in Rugby. We discussed a train option that would reduce some time on bikes but Amtrak didn't support us. No baggage stops or something in Rugby.
On the evening of July 2nd we set out from Grand Forks. We got a rather late start by most standards mostly d…

The great pastoral underwear recall

It is not everyday you get to do a story about underwear and especially one with a guest blogger. I heard about this a week ago but have sat on the story until I knew the who thing settled.
Here's the gist of the story; a pastor sees men's underwear at Wal-Mart and complains the packaging on said undergarment is obscene. Wal-Mart removes brand from shelves.

Is this how morality works or is it a shame the men cannot wear underwear on packaging anymore? I'd like to know what exactly was on the package, because most packaged underwear is tame. Maybe the new package will have a stick man with underwear drawn on. Laughable or reasonable objection?
Here is the story:
Ok. End of story, right?

I forward this one onto our pop culture correspondent and karoke superstar and she goes ballistic. Here below is her response which also includes a diatribe o…