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Hot Dog kind of time

The weather has been extremely kind in these parts. Sure we got our share of ice and snow, but this season the intensity of winter did not appear. On the doorstep of spring we'll be peering into a 70(F) degree day for St. Pats.
It is time to eat the hot dogs again!
Yep, it seems there is a certain time of year where I don't crave those franks- but now I do. And so does a Chinese aquaintence of mine.
Fortunately for my birthday, my MFB (mostly Finish bride) bought be a copy of Never Put Ketchup on a Hot Dog. This is a volume for Chicago dog enthusists. I count myself as one. I think I read most it before the new year. Although I am not sure I'll be visiting Chicago any time soon.
Crazy as it sounds, I came across a blog post by musician Phil Wickham proclaiming the joy visiting a Nashville hot dog emporium called Hot Diggity Dog. You can read it here. I have not met Phil yet. He does not travel much to our open plains. But if he does I'll take him to get a dog at Bert…