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Oh the stately life

I moved in the last couple of weeks to stately part of Fargo. The setting is ideal- not far from downtown and settled between proud homes of yesteryear. There is even a mansion or two intermixed.
I am still digging out of my packing. My room is nearly 87% percent done. There are still boxes that need to go elsewhere. It causes me inner turmoil sometimes to see it in such a mess. I want the simple life but all these things seem like necsesities.
I am well cared for in this house. A pretty good deal.
How about DC United! I was fortunate enough to watch them on ABC mainstream a bit. They won the MSL cup for like the 4th time yesterday. I don't think it had anything to do with Freddie Adu since he saw lean playing time in the post season. With 10 men and K.C. Wizards rallying hard in the final interval, DC showed some fortitude. It appears they also avoided playing anywhere cold since the match was played in California.
So much for us up north to catch any football past mid-October…

The end has yet to come

Have you heard about a mass migration to Canada? It appears that some feel the re-elected administration of the United States is oppressive enough to warrant leaving this fine nation. Sounds like a bunch of brazen threats.
Although Canada has many similarities to us it is not another United States. I think of it like a cross between Russia and France with a smidge of British sensibility with the added bonus of stable economy. Migrating Americans may find that their money goes far in the nation to the north but they don't intend to sit on their butts and do nothing. Could you even get a job in Canada as an United States citizen? There must be some work permit paperwork and limits on jobs you can take.
Anyways Democrats certainly have something to be angry about. They apparently had high voter turnout for their party. So what gives? It was a close race.
My overarching political theory is that we will get the leaders we deserve because the sovereignty of Almighty God. So then what…