25 January 2007

Beta on beta

There are a few that abhor the term beta being attached to anything. To them it seems that you released a less than perfect product, that it will be full of errors, that it will make your life miserable when you most expect it. However, I found this article that looks at beta at a different angle and recognizes the creative process. (It also make a connection to Jar Jar Binks.) The articel in turn refers to another article that calls beta a 4 letter word. So we go weaving a trail- let's call it the beta-trail.

For the neophytes, beta is a the Greek word for the second letter of their alphabet. (We get the word alphabet from the conglomeration of it with alpha.) Beta has been used by the tech world to denote a software or hardware release that is operational but may have some problems that the developers have not found. It is released into a market so interested folks can toy with it, break it, hack it, and generally attempt to screw it up. And the developers are happy to do this. The feedback helps to develop a better product.

You can apply to this to the creative process. Let's assume Jar Jar Binks was a character George Lucas wanted to put into beta release. He releases The Phantom Menance and gets a horrible response. So what does he do? He scales back the character and puts him into the peripheral in Attack of the Clones. Fans are still annoyed. Then in Revenge of the Sith, Jar Jar makes merely a cameo.

So a book could be written entitled, Life in Beta, because the only constant is change and the only way out is abandonment. However, I believe the sequel to the Alpha course is Beta too.

16 January 2007

What Sucks- beyond freezing

It seems that every year the environs of the Go take a drastic plunge. I call it beyond freezing because that is pretty much what it is: temperatures that hover at -10 F and then add some wind you got "ol 40 below." It takes a lot to keep me from going outdoors and even the beyond freezing temps don't keep me indoors. I once went camping with a friend I'll call Rik in 20 below zero temperatures. It gave us both headaches. I'm not sure he has forgiven me for that adventure.
Fortunately or unfortunately, I got sick as the beyond freezing season began so I could not feel guilty for not having run 3 miles in the tundratic arctic of Go. What makes matters worse is that nearly every surface is icy and so biking is even more dangerous for me. [I usually do not bike when I know the temperatures will be below 20 F]
What are the drawbacks of beyond freezing, you may ask?
  1. Dryness. Yes, as the thermometer dips lower the moisture in the air disappears. Skin gets scaly and cracked and I have noticed I am more thirsty.
  2. Overly cautious. This bothers me but I need to face reality- people fear freezing to death. There has already been one high profile death by freezing in the states this year. The same happens with predicted snow and so people all take alternate routes and I find myself facing unexpected traffic in alleys and odd streets.
  3. Isolation. There is nothing better than beyond freezing weather to stay home and disconnect from the world. Go cover up and hide until its over. I sometimes pretend that I live on Mars as I peer out the window to view the cold. Mars is lonely and cold, much like beyond freezing days.

Well it looks like its going to warm up soon so I can forge beyond beyond freezing and get back on the bike.

13 January 2007

Fitting your life into the word "intense"

Do you think you could fit your life into a word. It would be easy to fit it into hippopatamus and wallow your days in some mud pit. But what if you gave it your all and maybe fit into genuine or reality. Keith Green was an inspiration to me. This YouTube posting and others have again gripped me. Have a look:
Keith Green story part 1

12 January 2007

The writings of Keith Pille

This my attempt at an anthology of Keith Pille's writings organized in unapparent but pleasant categories. I would almost categorize Keith's work as musings but since he's really published on something more than electrons it qualifies undeniably as writings. End of debate.

Science Fiction- concerning the ones who run things
Combat- journal of a new cobra recruit
Music- umbrellas and a band
Drinking- being green and still drink
Novels- guitar idolatry
Super Heroes- minneapolis as a base of operations
Bands - nowhere band #16

This is by no means comprehesive nor does it tackle every genre that Keith has explored. For instance you will not find alledgedly unpublished alcohol inspired limku- the hybridization of a limerick and haiku.
I've had little contact with the indy mag freelancer, former bandmate, and ex-RD. We corresponded once and then he never responded to my inquires for interviews. Apparently we are sort of in competition, being in the same business. Then again we both took discrete math.
For more in the Pillistic style see got to http://raketenwerfer.org/

08 January 2007

And the door was still swinging

Perhaps church abandonment is a new area for counseling according to one comment on this article from the folks at Relevant (actually David Kenney was the writer). A good thought piece. Not much to add that won't echo that church meetings are about the horizontal and vertical connection and not the show.
A follow up article for those who haven't abandoned the church would be something about church envy. There's a tension build up when it just doesn't seem to be working at your church assembly and then you hear about what God is doing a few doors down. It's tough. It's an arduous struggle to keep going.

02 January 2007

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!

Spent the Eve of 2007 in the Grand Cities. It was my first New Years away from Alexandria for 4 years. The Grand Cities impressed me with a fireworks display at midnight and a plethora of entertainment and activities in the downtown region. These activities I did not take part because I had other obligations. I did, however, see the fireworks, eat gingerbread, make toasts, then watch Pride and Prejudice (Kiera Knightly version).