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It's soon to be Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!
Hope you will have a bountiful day and reflect on the many privileges and rights we may take for granted in the States.
Is it not odd that a day for gratefulness and prayer (at least the original intention seemed to include prayer) precedes possibly the most consumeristic day of the year. Now this holiday is know for its meal and what follows- sales and Christmas.
It seems that most Thanksgiving lore was taught in our elementary schools. It always included those 'hand' turkey and making a paper pilgrim hat. If you were fortunate you would of heard about the cornucopia, that old goat's horn which spewed forth the fruit of the earth. Legend has it that Zeus was raised by a wild goat and accidentally broke her horn off. In remorse, the Greek god returned the horn but gave it super powers such that whoever possessed it would receive whatever he or she wished for. Eventually the item also known as horn of plenty became associated with harvest and thus found its…

A letter that stirs up a lot of emotions

Looks like Dobson's political arm dropped a whole arsenal out just before the election with this letter from the future. I read through it and it definitely arouses your emotions. I surmise the evilest word to Dobson's organization is liberal. It is a rather imaginative perspective and I would almost classify it at Dobson's worst-case scenarios. I guess we could crucify the Focus on the Family Guy for such a document but he's got every right to say these things.
Here's sort of a rebuttal from Neue.
The rebuttal doesn't really contend with one of Dobson's main reasons the things detailed in the letter happen- Supreme Court. In fact I am a bit disappointed that it failed to address it. I agree Jesus definitely overcame through love. Yet there are some episodes I wonder about like the clearing of the temple or the woes to the Pharisees. The responses to the arcticle round out the discussion.
So now that Obama has been elected- what now? Are those who do not suppo…

Happy Birthday Billy!

Not much else to say but birthday salutations to a remarkable man. I suspect, however, he would rather be remembered at one who obeyed God and faithfully communicated the message of the cross to millions.
I never had the opportunity to see him live although he was in the Twin Towns for a crusade in the 90s while I lived in the neighborhood. I read a biography and the autobiography 10 years ago. I remember giving Just as I am as a wedding gift to somebody back then as well. I supported the BGEA for a few years and listened to their radio magazine program Decision Today. It is no longer produced.
What inspired me about him is that he has been able to bridge the partisan gap. In is autobiography and other places Graham has stated he is a Democrat. He is respected by those from both sides of aisle while not endorsing any political candidates. I guess that shows the Gospel supercedes the political divides- although I think it has much to say to say about politics.
A biopic came out a month a…

I joined Blue Man Group

Our envisioning of Blue Man Group. We only had about an hour to get ready so we were not picture perfect to say the least. I was surprised that the bald cap took the make up so well. I had more time I would have done the bald cap properly with spirit gum and latex. I only got it a little. As the night progressed the blue began to dissipate and wear off.
We won no prizes. In fact some did not know who we were portraying. I guess we need PVC instruments.
Getting the make-up off was a task in itself but having cold cream made it a little easier. I might do this again someday but probably not any time soon.

All Hallows Get Even

Hallow's Eve came and went without much fanfare. Well actually I could mention the weather, which finally was not near freezing. The temperatures approached the upper 60s and made masquerading out of doors more pleasant than previous years. I recall once during my childhood that a snowstorm dumped tons of snow and school was canceled. I think that 3 weeks later most of the snow disappeared.
Again I attend my company's costume party the previous evening. There were some real excellent costumes. Someone had literally transformed herself into Flavor Flav from Public Enemy. The resemblance was uncanny. The Captain, Tasha, and I went as the Blue Man Group. As the night wore on, we became less and less blue. Tasha took her make up off after almost 2 hours. Next year we'll do something without the make-up.
On the 31st I decided to do a little biking early in the night. I didn't see too many people out. Probably no more than 20. I went back home, ate dinner, then walked downtown…