Route Marked, Food Recommended: Fargo Marathon 2012

On my run yesterday I noticed familiar white markings in the street.

The course for 2012 appears to be marked and ready to go. I did not follow the parts in my part of town yet but I cam across quite a few. I biked by the Mile 22 marker.

Looks like we will be gearing up for potentially hot marathon next Saturday. The forecast outlook has a high of 73 F and a low of 52 F. Some slight wind out of the north but I do not think it will have much impact unless it gusts up past 25 MPH. Things could change but the week leading up to the marathon will be pushing the low 80s. Hydration will be important.
One thing you should be aware of- the half and full marathon will not be starting together. Instead, the half marathon will start at 7:15 AM and the full marathon at 8:15 AM.
A lot of the local magazines have front covers featuring the marathon, including Stride. It features runner and US 50k record holder  Josh Cox on the cover who will be speaking during the Fargo Marathon. The race director and his spouse, who I think does some things for the marathon too, are on the April/May cover of Area Woman with a great story too. I never knew that on average more women run events in the Fargo Marathon than men. There are a few more magazines but I forgot the names. You can find them in the lobby at nearly any supermarket.

And while I am at it- how about some restaurant recommendations for out of towners?
Fargo and Moorhead have a huge supply of restaurants. I find it strange that we seem to have an inordinate amount of pizza places and Chinese restaurants.
On the north side by the Fargo Dome I would recommend Buffalo Wild Wings or Grand Junction. Grand Junction's specialty is grilled sandwiches.
Downtown, I'd say JL Beers or Rhombus Guys Pizza. JL has a ton of beer and some remarkably good burgers. There are also JL Beers in Moorhead and West Fargo if the location downtown is full up. And it gets full. Rhombus is on Main across from the old Northern Pacific depot. Delicious pizza but a little on the high side. Spicy Pie also does pizza and is downtown on Broadway.
Near the West Acres area- you will find the most variety. Nothing I would recommend wholeheartedly but you won't go hungry. Of local interest- Kroll's Diner on 45th Street a few blocks North of 13th Ave is a regional dinner that serves regional favorite Knoefla Soup.
If you go south of 94 on 45th- 2 places I like Famous Dave's BBQ and 5 Guys Burgers and Fries.
Want authentic Chinese?- Lucy's on 32nd Ave S.


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