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On the Road to Glory: One Shining Moment Episode 13

The final chapter of the season closes on a whimsy note for Team Unglaubich. It could have ended at the previous webisode and i would have been satisfied. Of course the team had not played yet so this one completes the story. Its a bit of a denouement to me. It smooths out the arc and even gives Danny Myers some decent camera time. The strange part for me is not knowing if the Ledge was being honest or trying to win sympathy. And what about Cougar? He silently fades to the back. Old Guy and Rob don't even show for the game- probably embarrassment.
This is the most chatty webisode of the series. It seems that this one time everybody wants to say something curt and witty. Boima of course is the master of this technique.
As for the game, it looked phenomenal even if it was a blow out. Did Shelby's speech really inspire these guys to step it up?
Oh well, I hope there'll be a season 2. Thanks Humdinger!