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Lionel Stuff: Lumber Shed Revisited

I acquired an assembled version of the Lionel lumber shed structure last year and blogged about it here. It is still ridiculous how much these are going for on the market. Do not get me wrong, it is a good model, but shelling out $20 - $30 dollars for one is extravagant. It just does not have much collectible value. Since it gets attached to the Lionel name some sellers assume it is something akin to precious metal. So it is ideal to find these outside the typical Lionel searches. I would think that if the Lionel name were not attached this would be just another mass produced plastic structure.

While at the October Fargo Toy and Train show I found the lumber shed in a modified form.

I am not entirely sure what scale the alteration was intended- I am guessing N since most of the other items around it were for N.

It certainly is a bit of a scale stretch to plausibly utilize the structure in the smaller scales. The work bench and the storage bin would have to be removed to give the stru…

The prairie's original alternative Thanksgiving pageant

I was a DJ on KUMM in Morris, MN for 4 years plus a short summer gig in 2001. It is a college station that was very eclectic back in the day. I did news and hosted the Minnesota music show for number of years. It was a tremendous experience.
KUMM definitely camped around the alternative music trend of the early 90s. Still broadcasting alternative music on the prairie now at 700 watts (according to wiki) on the FM, KUMM also has extended its reach streaming on the internets. It appears they have automated a bit as I have yet to hear a live host on the stream today. Their website seems to be a bit stale. DJ list is current. Looks like preferred communications come via Facebook.
Being alternative as we were, a handful of other KUMM DJs and I decided to do a live radio drama based upon a Thanksgiving theme. Pretty alternative for 1994, huh? The details are sketchy, but I wrote up a script which seems to be a riff off the Charlie Brown specials. Then one night on somebody's time slot…

Is it really Thanksgiving, Charlie Brown?

Peanuts is a popular comic strip in the states and possibly elsewhere, but I have no idea how well it is translated into other cultures. It is still syndicated in numerous newspapers although new strips have not come out since creator Charles Schulz died back in 2000. I would say most are unfamiliar with the comic strip and that seems like a contradiction of first line of this post. If you has a line up of cartoon characters, I am certain most would be able to identify Snoopy and Charlie Brown but would not be able to articulate their relationship or misadventures. For your reference:  Snoopy is a dog, but a dog with a wild imagination. Often he has imagined himself as a World War I flying ace in combat with the Red Baron. Other times he just acts more human than canine from playing baseball to riding a motorcycle.  Charlie Brown is Snoopy's owner. He is a kind hearted boy who struggles with self confidence despite being called upon to lead. His most famous predicament involves at…

National Model Railroad Month of 2017

It being National Model Railroad Month, I am going to post some images of my O gauge 3 rail layout. This layout  has been around for 4 years. It has been in this particular format for about 3 years. Previously I just ran trains on floor.  I am modeling a fictional area along the Great Northern Railway in northern Minnesota. A mix of vintage and new equipment make up my collection from many companies. Structures are mostly from Lionel and Bachmann Plasticville. I have a few Post-War Lionel pieces thanks to my father and good finds at shows. I am an operator so I do not buy to keep items on the shelf or in boxes. I have not found time to scenic the layout- but that is mostly because I do not think I have the skills. Plus, I have not come up with a track layout I like. Right now it is just track around the table. See how many items you can recognize in the photos.

Model railroading is not difficult to get involved. All you need is some imagination. You can add the trains later. It helps…