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On my way

Still working the dreaded print shop. I think I may have worked 50 hours this week. The irony of it all is that I am putting together the catlog for a former client of my former employer, MTL. I have practically memorized ever sub division of item that they sell. (Them being Rice Lake Weighing Systems).
Today I protest in silence as I ride my bike to distant places. I hope to restart geocaching again. My start last weekend ended up without a find.
I am hoping to find some garage sale deals today too.
Well I need to go it's almost noon.

The Angry Minnesotans

Is there a reason for anger?
Well gas prices certainly come to mind. Why a gallon costs $1.94 just up the street from me. Highway robbery I say! I should write a song concerning it.
Better yet, resurrect my old band The Angry Minnesotans and have loud protest concerts outside of gas stations.
I have been pondering getting the band back together this week. Although it might not be the same AMs as from the Morris years.
We were a monolith in Morris band culture. Not noteworthy but we appeared on the radar as a resurrection was occuring in the music scene in Morris (the population 5,000 town in west central MN). We were one of the first in a long line of groups that took the stage at Karl's Coffee - Morris' original coffee shop. Note: Although now defunct, Ardelle's Cafe could claim to be the first coffee klatch zone in town- but I'm not a townie on this info.
So where were we- bands in Morris. Now a group called Children 18:3 seem to be catapulting themselves fro…

Garage sales

Garage sale season has started and I hope to gobble up the deals and junk the is a treasure to me. The big weekend is coming up. This is only a small preview of what is to come. I must go. I must seek. I will deal!!
How to Tell a Decent Garage Sale without going in
1. Stroll, lull, or use surveillance equipment to discover if merchandise is pouring out the garage to at least half way down the drive way.
2. Flags. No questions about it but the flags signal "This is the U.S.S. Garage Sale"
3. Multiple tables, benches, and other contrivances which hold the merchandise and boxes on the sides.
How to Tell a Real Garage Sale from a Fake Wannabe
1. Prices range from 5 cents to 2 dollars with only a few items in the 5-10 dollar range.
2. Boxes to dig through that contain nick nack treasures.
3. Constant traffic. Only a few hours out of the sale should there be a lull of activity.

The Gas Strike

Gas prices in my neck of the woods have been inching up towards 1.90 a gallon. This is ludicrous for myself, an occasional driver. I purposely ride my bike so gas prices would plummet. North of here about 80 miles gas is almost 2.00 a gallon. I may be glad I bike a lot but for those long hauls I am not sure my peddle power will produce. I should fill my tank up before these prices skyrocket anymore.
Americans if there is a time to start the switch to alternative fuels, it is now! The gasoline apocalypse is upon us. Forget Iraq and the dirty pictures! I want alternative energy!!!! Troops will need to be sent home to protect the nation's gas stations and refineries from rebel armies of alternativo energios freedom fighters. Yo Joe!!