28 September 2011

The nuptials of Bill and Anna or Royce4 + 1: Part 3

Guest blogger Cindy concludes her charming account of the Royce4 and MFB conjugal.

Sometimes the time went swiftly and other moments dragged on. But then suddenly it was time to take the MFB from hiding to her place of prominence. When it was time to get ready to greet her, I saw the Groom nearly jog to his place and look steadfastly ahead. It is hard to describe an honest look of joy so deep it touches the soul. The aisle walk was only a moment, but a lifetime of emotion flooded through the room. I was so proud of the Groom in that moment has he received the hand of his MFB.

The ceremony was like any other and like no other. There were vows and rings, but also there was such wonderful music! And the Groom and his MFB took the stage to play together---their voices so uniquely matched as if designed as such---and their looks toward each other like Johnny Cash and his June. Not a dry eye in the house then. The Groom and his MFB said their vows with such confidence! And in true form of this Groom, there was a theatrical object lesson as part of the rite. Three ropes forming into one to represent a lasting covenant. For two people who honestly value commitment and love their God wholeheartedly, there was no better tribute.

Soon---a kiss, a cheer, a specially decorated car, some photos and off to the festivities! The crowd went wild when the couple strolled in and off went the cowbells oh so frequently. But alas, weddings are for kissing. And food and cake and dancing! The food was very impressive and the cake, like the couple, so uniquely wonderful. The DJ to beat all DJs entertained the kids and the grownups alike. It was quite joyous to see the Groom and his MFB cut a rug with the group. Sometimes I don’t know that they realized other people were there. At one point I thought I saw a glimpse of their future.

The night wrapped up as quickly as it began. I cried more seeing them go out the door to live their lives (after one last ring of the cowbell!) than I did all of the weekend before. But my dear friends and those close to the Groom and his MFB helped me stay focused on the task at hand. And just like I gave my word to the MFB, we stayed until the last twinkle light came down and I loaded pork chops and glass jars into the cars belonging to those Nordic farm-raised brothers.

To my best friend the Groom and to his most beautiful bride and my oft missed roommate his MFB, I love you more than you could know. Thank you for allowing me such a high honor of witnessing your nuptials from such a close vantage point. I rejoice with you!

27 September 2011

The nuptials of Bill and Anna or Royce4 + 1: Part 2 (electric boogaloo)

Guest blogger Cindy continues the story of the Royce4+MFB wedding.

The next morning I was off to the hairstylist and then to the sports store for a cowbell. Turns out they only sell them when the marathon is upon us, so I was out of luck. But the customer service at that giant Fargo sports conglomerate is top notch, and they suggested, why not run over to Fleet Farm and pick up some cowbells as such as used by real cows? I said, My! Why not?! (I had remembered the Groom had made a wish for cowbells at his reception clear---in the way he makes things clear, mind you--- in the past.) So I and the writer/music director the Groom thinks highly of dashed for the cowbell emporium. And off to the show we went.

Upon my arrival, so began GroomWatch. The Groom is a traditional man, you see, and chose to see his fair MFB first only at the most important moment, as she walks down the aisle. But all of us were preparing for the big event in the same relatively small space, so it took some creativity. I was proud to serve the MFB, as were many others, by being on occasional GroomWatch. I also had the honor of being near for the important outdoor bridal photographs. The most enjoyable part of the day was the fact that the wind was so fierce that when we took the MFB outside for photos her veil blew straight up in the air! She looked like she might be 10 feet tall. It was pretty incredible.
As the hour approached, I often checked on the groom to see what he was thinking. I found him to be at varying stages of nerves and calm. I suppose the frequent checking was maybe unnecessary because the Groom had his own entourage, but even if for selfish reasons I had to see him at a few vital points. Now I suppose I know he was just counting the minutes for the sweet dream of being joined with his MFB to finally come true.

The nuptials of Bill and Anna or Royce4 + 1: Part 1

It has been a busy few months and the blog has been rather sparse with content. But I have good excuses.
I got married.
Yep, tied to the knot too, although it should be more likely entwining the rope.
But that is all I will write for now. Instead I will enlist the aid of a guest blogger to fill in the details of the momentous day. You've heard from her before when we wondered about the underwear recall a pastor had down south. We'll be seeing this in parts.
So without further adieu, here's Cindy.

I had the distinct pleasure of witnessing a beautiful nuptial recently. It was that of the author of this blog. I know he would rarely say anything kind about himself, so I have offered this guest post to provide a revue. Most often when the author refers to “a friend”, that’s me. I thought I would offer because I had a front row seat.

Overall the weekend was full of surprises. My role was one in the background and yet nearby, so I was able to witness nearly all of the important happenings first hand. Some of my personal favorite highlights included a borrowed shirt, a surprise live radio show, cowbells and GroomWatch.

The Groom and his MFB (Mostly Finnish Bride) have a very supportive circle of friends and family. I was especially impressed with her Nordic farm-raised brothers hauling tables, chairs and various other heavy articles while we decorated the reception area. I also had the blessing of meeting Royce 3, who is intensely similar to Royce4. I got a hearty chuckle out of the resemblance, yes in appearance, but so much more in personality.
We moved on to a rehearsal that was chaotic, intense and emotional.  I could see then that it was beginning to get real for the Groom and his MFB.  They were both tense and joyfully blushing.  Meanwhile myself and a few friends I had stashed backstage were anxiously awaiting the perfect time to break onto the scene and start a surprise radio show written by a fabulously talented writer and music director I know the Groom thinks highly of.  We were frantically texting each other with the latest updates and soon they were right outside the door.  The chef at the rehearsal dinner was in on the deal and helped them make their entrance.  I couldn’t bear to look at the Groom and MFB during the moments the surprise show was playing…though afterward I had a good moment with the MFB.  I received reports that the Groom even shed a tear, though I’m not sure if he was touched, laughing, or just embarrassed that we are his friends!  Nevertheless after all of the business of the night I thought for certain we would all cry like babies the next day so I made immediately for the 24 hour superstore and purchased handkerchiefs for the big day.