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Blogging on the road

Although it may sound dangerous blogging can now happen when in motion on I-29.
Not quite. 2 rest areas north of the Go come equpped with wireless access. So I decided to stop by and take advantage of something my taxes are put towards.
The signal is sort of weak on the southbound unless you change directions or move your laptop. That's because I am not picking up the SB signal. I'm was logged on to the NB network until a moment ago.
Back to in motion blogging. It may be possible to blog in motion if moving at a slight 5 mph. I'm not going to test the hypothesis.

Bison upset Badgers in Madison...

The Bison thundered. NDSU impressed.
I could not believe it!
Browsing through the local sporting good store I saw posted the sports page: Bison upset Badgers. I left the store still wondering if it were true. Maybe it was our women's program. Why did the Big Ten schedule a game with NDSU? I finally needed to find the Sunday paper.
And I'm sure the UW crowd were more than unimpressed with the Badgers shot percentage. Horrible!
However kudos are well deserved for a scrappy NDSU squad. Although Brent Winkelman made a few key plays it was Ben Woodside that lead the Bison to a historic win over the 15th ranked Badgers. Fox Sports labeled the victory "shocking."
Apparently they had a great bus ride back to the 'Go.

Manchester(UK) bleeds blue

Although United still holds the 2 position in the Premier League table, City holds the keys to Manchester with a win against their rivals. Albeit United were not looking good, City kept the pressure.
Soccernet describes the United's loss: There have been some pretty significant lows in this season for United, notably the Champions League losses to Lille and Benfica - but few to rank alongside this debacle.
And that did not mention how the other Ronaldo drew the red, Rooney misses opportunities, and new signing Patrice Evra poor debut. United were far from form and City took advantage. Specifically Trevor Sinclair had an exceptional 90 minutes although nothing magical. So with United adrift 15 from Chelsea looks as if nobody is going to challenge this season.
Well, perhaps Liverpool.
Last note. Robbie Fowler is given the yellow at 90 minutes or so and then apparently scores? How does that happen?

A blog lift off

One of my associates has started his own blog. Actually I'm more his associate.
Nevertheless, Lift Off, the organization/agency/association he has formed (more like re-created from a moth ball state), is now a blogger neophyte.
In a strange turn of events I now sit on the board of directors. Holding such an official position is foreign. When there is a meeting, I actually sit. Never in all my life has someone valued my input enough to make me sit on a board.
It is much better than sitting on a tack.

Looking back: 2005 in revue- valleys of heartbreak

2005 was full of seasons of loss.
It all began with a lost digital camera on New Years Day and continued with the loss of keys (3+ times), the loss of a cell phone, the loss of jobs, and probably a number of other things that I cannot recall due to loss of memory. I nearly lost my life twice by being hit by automobiles. Fortunately I survived unscathed physical. Mentally I am still apprehensive and encountering emotional hangover frequently.
The lowest of the lows hit in July when heartbreak struck thrice. I am still recovering. A friend of mine sums it up- when you step out in faith you risk heartbreak. I could not help to think this may be my end of sorts. Then I got the news I'll be booted from my current residence.
Fortunately 2005 ended on a good note with a refreshing holiday respite.
For 2006- still unknown, still uncertain.

Pirate escapes

A pirate was spotted in Willmar, MN just a few days before the new year. It is believed he terrorized a family but escaped apprehension by authorities.

Actually this is a friend of mine who I made up as a pirate and made a short silent film with him. It was quite cute.

Praying for Ireland

If you've been lurking for a while you may know I am sort of a Hibernophile (I made that up ;). I visited the Republic in April of 2005 for a few weeks to do some important work- help with missions. I also did a bit of running in the rain.
Needless to say I have been earnestly praying for both the Republic and the North for some time. Although I am probably far from understanding the unique make-up of the island, I do believe that I am impacting it from a distance. I guess you could call me a watchman of sorts.
I've found a website that provides some insight in how to pray for Ireland. Surprisingly it is authored by a someone I beleive I attended a prayer meeting with back in April of 2005. Small world?
Prayer for Ireland

Feed yourself in Fargo

Possibly one of the best places to eat in Fargo is Bertrosa's. This downtown cafe specializes in Chicago style street food and also makes some real good soups. I especially like the daily specials. Although it is not at street level (it's in a basement of the Black Building) this joint gets a lot of business.
Boppa's Bagels is also good, however it's become sort of a yuppie evagel hang. Nevertheless they have some of the best bagels in the land- perhaps the continent.

Photographic telemetry in children

Besides being a great performer, the front man for Children 18:3 is a talented photographer.
Despite growing in popularity the 18:3 still talks to me.

All Tomorrow's Parties will be no more: SYATP 2006

Over. Done. Finished. No more dresses to wear to this gig.
2006 was the last (I shudder a bit) See You At The Party Ever. And I was there!
This year's celebration met and exceeded expectations despite a rather slim line-up. Both Pigeon John and Children 18:3 are a rather slender bunch. Perhaps The Pit (harder music stage) held the weight this year.
My highlights: New Year's countdown. The gym was wall to wall humanity-sweaty and pulse pounding. I was near the stage in a jovial energic state surrounded by teeny boppers. The most charismatic Pigeon John did not disappoint as 2006 awoke.
Great party- well executed. However I felt a bit sad that its orginal intent (outreach) was not exactly executed well.
Well at least I did not lose my camera.