01 May 2012

Fill the streets: Fargo Marthon 2012

It is now May in Fargo and most streets will be full.
This week they will be full of junk- and pickers of all stripes will descend upon the streets looking for thrown out treasures. American Pickers could do a full season just passing through during clean up week.
In three weeks, a portion of those streets will be full of people.
People running, walking, standing around, doing nothing.
And there will be music. Lots of music! Who knows there may even be some dancing in the streets.
The Fargo Marathon weekend gets underway on May 17th with the Youth Run and then the following evening there will be the 5K. Saturday will culmintate with the main events- 10K, relay, marathon, and half marathon.
If the weather trend continues we could be in for a much warmer marathon. No major flooding this year (just barely some minor flooding) so the course will generally stay the same. A portion had been removed from the Moorhead side but it has been added back in- albeit not through the Concordia campus. Runners will cross the Main Ave bridge and then head south.

Some marathon news of note:
Organizers are trying to get the 5K up to 10,000 registered runners. As of today they have roughly 6000. According to the official website with the 5K they are attempting to raise money for shoes for "1000 underprvileged children." The Governor and Lt. Governor of ND and their spouses will be among the pack running the Friday race along with West Fargo youth who will be running to raise awareness of Lupus.
Four NDSU students will run the marathon relay barefoot to raise money for the Samaritan's Feet charity.
The 3 time Run For the Lakes champ, Casey Miller, will be running the Fargo marathon again this year. The Baxter, MN resident came in 2nd in the Run for the Lakes Marathon this year.

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