Your Experiences Blogged: 2010 Fargo Marathon

A fews days of recovery from the Fargo Marathon have passed. The blogoshere is beginning to churn out race reports. Not too many as of today. Most of it is crappy news aggregator posts which usually discuss the amount of registered runners which was about 20,000. I saw one post even got the winners totally wrong. Someone must have just put up a post as Fargo Marathon was trending high most of the weekend on Twitter.
Here's a few to check out:
A guy named Bill from Milwaukee ran the marathon
Jordan ran the 1st leg of a the marathon relay- had an elite pace
Jenn mentions running the ½ marathon and her daughter running in the 5k
Steve ran the ½ marathon in preparation for Grandma’s (the marathon not the person)

Overall, the marathon this year was fantastic. Steve in his post above makes the best points about the good vibe of this edition of the marathon. I had the most fun spectating this year.
As a volunteer, it felt well organized. The e-mail reminders were good especially one which gave some brief points about how to do the thing I volunteered.
More to come as I wrap up marathon week and track down Cris Estes.


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