Finally seeing it 23 years later

By "it" I mean the 1986 Disney Sci-Fi movie- Flight of the Navigator. I recall that the movie was shown on a movie day at school. Not sure why. My class may have met some goal or something. However, I broke my glasses earlier in the day and literally could not "see" the movie. More accurately I could not see the movie clearly. I recollect a kid and a mirrored saucer ship and a wacky alien thing that sounded like Pee Wee Herman. But that's the end of the memory.
Yesterday I finally got to see it at the little known Jesse's Basement screening lounge. 2 episodes of MacGyver were also screened. They really love the 80s at the Basement.
I actually like the movie. It's a little less classic Disney but fairly decent plot and good cast. I would describe it as E.T. meets Close Encounters of the Third Kind with Pee Wee Herman. Paul Reubens did voice the alien robot Max but due to other circumstances he gets credited as Paul Mall. Other than creator of Pee Wee Herman the movie also features Matthew Broderick's love interest, Sarah Jessica Parker, Johnny Fever of WKRP in Cincinnati fame (Howard Hesseman),  a fellow who has portrayed both JFK and RFK (Cliff de Young), Oscar winner Jonathon Sanger and a friend and former housemate of George Clooney (Matt Adler.) Adler had a striking resemblance to our hydrology correspondent in this film. Oh and the Star Trek connection- Raymond Forchion was on a Next Generation episode which featured an evil pool of oil (how relevant) and Tash Yar dies. Quite a cast and that's doesn't even include the main character.
Our hero, David Freeman, is played by Joey Cramer who now works in a sporting goods store in Canada. Of course there all other types of rumors out there about where he went after the 1980s left the building but the sporting goods tale will suffice.
So needless to say the assembled audience loved the movie. It kind fits a style of movie they were marketing to kids back then like The Goonies, Neverending Story, Explorers. It even is a scant like War Games which I also saw @ Jesse's Basement a number of months ago.
Now brace yourselves- Disney has a remake/revisioning in the works.


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