Nearing the starting line of marathon 2010

From Fargo Marathon
One more day. Things are heating up as the hours are whittled away until the start of the 2010 Fargo Marathon. And heating up is not an exaggeration. The weather is going to be a scorcher by running standards. Forecasts seem to point to an upper 50 degrees at the start and nearing 80 big ones by the afternoon. Remember to stay hydrated and make sure to stretch out appropriately.
The Youth Run was tonight. Didn't get to see it as I was doing the community garden.
Tomorrow night the is the 5k. I'll be volunteering that evening as well. Too bad they don't have chip checking anymore. However, I've got a friend and an acquaintance running the 5k. This is my friend's first competitive running event. She has been training hard for weeks. George W. would say she has been "workin' hard and ordering in, staying late and coming in on Saturdays." My acquaintance, Jeff W, will not only be running 5k but the marathon the next morning. He ran the relay last year.
A rumor has been going around that mayor of Fargo, Dennis Walaker, would be in the 5k. I don't see him on the list so perhaps it is bogus.
The 5k is the largest of all the races so having its own night seems appropriate.
A 10k was added this year. Not sure what to think about that. It certainly makes the entire even a bit more crowded. I don't even know if there is prize money for placing. I just know the toll bridge put a kibosh on the course going through Moorhead. 10k will probably be won by locals.
In the next post I'll look at some of the competitors in the half marathon and the marathon.


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